2013 Sept 4 mtg ER 209

Topic: Astrochem is a broad topic, some previous discussion has been fragmented; my aim is to facilitate more coherent and inclusive efforts

Agenda, from more to less concrete:
  1. connect interested parties
  2. status of past and in-progress activities
    • CCU - NSF chem proposed, NASA astrobio proposed, talk series->TUNA [broadcast?], VANC student program, ...
    • UVa hires: Oberg, Herbst in the past; currently new-Oberg and Astronomy theory
    • GBT status?
  3. specific current funding opportunities
  4. what do you think NRAO should be doing?
    • facilitate more efficient and innovative data collection with our facilities
    • tools for processing/analyzing
    • mechanisms for comparing those data with models
    • development of new models
    • lab measurements of fundamental quantities, and cataloging those

-- RemyIndebetouw - 2013-09-04
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