Jeff Mangum's Science and Technical References: Asteroids

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  1. Leyrat, C. etal., 2012, A&A, 539, A154, "Thermal Properties of (4) Vesta Derived from Herschel Measurements"
  2. Galád, A. 2010, "Accuracy of calibrated data from the SDSS moving object catalog, absolute magnitudes, and probable lightcurves for several asteroids", A&A, 514, A55
    • Find that accuracy of SDSS magnitudes is 0.03 mag in V-band.
  3. Hormuth, F. and Muller, T. G. 2009, "Catalogue of ISO LWS Observations of Asteroids", A&A, 497, 983-990
    • ISO LWS (43 to 197 micron) observations of Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, and Hygiea.
    • Apply a thermophysical model to the flux measurements to derive far-IR based diameter and albedo values.
    • Also find that the measured thermal rotational lightcurve of Vesta is well-matched to model predictions.
    • Find that the general agreement between the photometric observations and models is better than 5% for Ceres, Pallas, and Vesta and better than 30% for Hygiea.

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