Amateur Radio Astronomy

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Astronomy with HAM Radio Equipment

  • Radio Observations of Two Solar Eclipses: Darrel Emerson, 1995, QST, 79, No. 2, p. 21. Technical description of 146 and 436 MHz measurements of the solar eclipses of July 1991 and May 1994.
  • The Radio Sky (Part I): Darrel Emerson, June 1996, 80, No. 6, p. 32. Part one of a two-part article describing the history of low-frequency measurements of the radio sky. Includes a historical description of Karl Jansky's original "cosmic static" measurements of the Milky Way radio emission.
  • The Radio Sky (Part II): Darrel Emerson, July 1996, 80, No. 7, p. 28. Part two of two in Darrel's series on the radio emission from our Galaxy.
  • Night Sky at 434 MHz: Darrel Emerson, QST, July 1996, p. 20. Short article describing measurements of the night sky at 434 MHz.

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