Recent discussions involving Ed, Sanjay, Bill, Debra, Frazer, Juan and others have concerned the 'algorithm group' and a possible workshop in the near future. Steve and I also discussed the possibility about a month ago.

Several things seems clear:

  1. All those interested in algorithms want to be separated from the detailed software implementation as much as possible in order to concentrate on the R&D needed for algorithm development. Whether one uses casa, OBIT or aips is not of primary importance, although ultimate implementation of the algorithms will have to be supported by the software system(s). Note: this philosophy is supported by Nicole, Rick, and Bill.
  2. The group needs overall direction in order to assess the most critical algorithms and time-scales which will be needed by ALMA and the EVLA, and to make sure that good communications continue between the developers. Thus, the group should be under some 'division' and person so that it fits into an all-important organizational chart, but the leadership should be somewhat non-invasive and the particular division is probably secondary.
  3. An algorithm workshop for NRAOer's is useful, but only if it really is a workshop and not a show-and-tell appearance. Inclusion of potential algorithm developers, like Wysong, Schwab, Rob Reid (new arrival in CV from Penticton) and a single dish expert from GB, should help get them involved with problems of interest. Inclusion of a few non-NRAOers who are wrestling with low frequency imaging (UNM) or ALMA mosaic/SD combinations (ALMA) might be useful.

It is good to have the east and west NRAO algorithmic gurus interacting this week in Socorro. We will produce a supporting organization soon to support this interaction in the future, with the goal of extending it slowly outside of NRAO for the general problems.

-- EdFomalont - 26 Jul 2006

-- NicoleRadziwill - 26 Jul 2006

-- NicoleRadziwill - 26 Jul 2006
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