Detailed Information for AlNC

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Laboratory Measurements: Robinson, J. S., Apponi, A. J., & Ziurys, L. M. 1997, Chem. Phys. Lett., 278, 1.

Molecular Constants:
  • Dipole Moment 3.14 Debye (Ma, B., Yamaguchi, Y., & Schaefer, H. F., III. 1995, Mol. Phys., 86, 1331)

Astronomical Detection: Ziurys, L. M., Savage, C., Highberger, J. L., Apponi, A. J., Guelin, M., & Cernicharo, J., More Metal Cyanide Species: Detection of AlNC (X 1Σ+) toward IRC +10216, 2002, ApJL, 564, L45. Detected toward the circumstellar envelope of the late-type carbon star IRC +10216, using the IRAM 30 m telescope. The J=11-->10, 12-->11, and 13-->12 rotational transitions at 2 mm and the J=18-->17 and J=21-->20 transitions at 1.2 mm of this linear, closed-shell molecule were observed. Profiles suggest a shell-like distribution. Within the shell, modeling of the observations suggests a fractional abundance relative to H2 of ~3×10-10 for AlNC.
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