AGN Discussion Seminar

This is the page for the 2011-2012 NRAO/UVA AGN Discussion Group.The purpose of this group is to discuss various topics related to AGN. The discussions are informal and are led by volunteers depending on the topic of the day. Contact Kristen Jones (kmj5ea at to be added to the email list for this group.


Fridays from 2:00 - 3:00 in the NRAO Library.

Current Calendar of Meeting Topics: (click here for the archived AgnDiscussionCalendar)

Date Topic Moderator(s) Paper(s) Notes
May 17
May 24
May 31
Jun 07
Jun 14
Jun 21
Jun 28
Jul 05
Jul 12
Jul 19
Jul 26
Aug 02
Aug 09
Aug 16
Aug 23

Wish-List Topics and Papers of Interest:

BH seed formation (potential starting references: arXiv:1209.1195 or Bellovary et al. 2011)
BH growth, accretion theory (low-luminosity vs. high-luminosity sources)
Radio emission (core, jet)
Empirical scaling relations (and their evolution with redshift)
Jets vs winds!
Astrometric reverberation mapping

Conferences of Interest:

IAU Symposium on Multi-wavelength AGN Surveys and Studies: 7-11 Oct 2013, Byurakan, Armenia
International conference on Black holes, jets, and outflows: 29 Apr - 3 May 2013, Kathmandu, Nepal

Useful Links and Papers:

Mark Whittle's lecture notes on AGN
Matt Lister's page on useful articles in Blazar (and other types of AGN) research Antonucci 1993, "Unified models for active galactic nuclei and quasars"
Urry & Padovani 1995, "Unified Schemes for Radio-Loud Active Galactic Nuclei"
Ho 2008, "Nuclear Activity in Nearby Galaxies"
Volonteri 2010, "Formation of supermassive black holes"
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