Astrochemistry Group Meetings - Oct 14, 2010

  • Agenda: ( ACTION ITEMS in RED)
    • Action Items that need/should be closed:
      • ACTION ITEM: STATUS: (PENDING) Robin has to have the AAS membership approved first to keep cost down
        • STATUS: (PENDING) Still waiting from the AAS.
    • New High School Student will be joining the team - need to get them set up.
      • DISCUSSION: UVa Grad students are hosting some gifted/interested high school students. We received an interested student.
        • ACTION ITEM: Joanna, please "meet" with the student if possible at 9AM on Fri at their Skype telecon. We have to put together a "how-to" reduce the Ka-Band GBT data. The student has an account on the NRAO server and can use GBTIDL. We just need to write up instructions. Can we have that done by the Fri meeting at 9AM? Remijan can put the data off a CHV machine.
          • STATUS: (CLOSED) Remijan made a "how-to" guide and sent it to Pulliam and Corby for review and then sent it on to Rachael. All the Ka-Band data to be worked on was put on the CHV server. Remijan and Corby met with the High School students on 10/15/10 at 9AM and discussed the project. Corby will be the contact person for David on the project.
    • Joanna needs to get working on GBT data reduction
      • DISCUSSION: If possible, working with Robin, Joanna can get caught up on the GBT reduction and then pass that along to David (the high schooler)?.
        • ACTION ITEM: Pulliam and Corby to try the data reduction notes sent by Remijan.
          • STATUS: (OPEN) See above action item. In addition, Pulliam worked on the GBT data reduction for tMeF and sent Remijan a summary. This needs to be closed and sent along to the CCU group and the summer students.
    • Plans for Observing
      • DISCUSSION: We need to know everyone's availability over the next month so we can distribute GBT observing. In other words, please help :)
        • ACTION ITEM: Let Remijan know your availability and get Corby and Pulliam set up to observe on Titania.
          • STATUS: (CLOSED) Corby and Pulliam now have accounts in GB and can observe on Titania. Corby logged in and watched the observations of Comet Hartley.
    • Proposal Preparation:
      • DISCUSSION: CSO proposal is coming up at the end of October.
        • ACTION ITEM: Robin will start to investigate the submm emission around O-rich AGB WR stars and consider putting in a CSO proposal to map the submm continuum of the molecular envelope and to detect higher level transitions of SO and SO2.
          • STATUS: (CLOSED) Pulliam will send in first draft of proposal by 10/22/10
    • Paper Preparation:
      • DISCUSSION: NH2OH Paper
        • ACTION ITEM: Pulliam to organize plan to start writing the paper. Will include Brett (if possible) on the process and present that plan at the next meeting.
          • STATUS: (OPEN)
      • DISCUSSION: Trans - ethyl methyl ether paper
        • ACTION ITEM: Remijan needs to post his first draft of the paper to the wiki.
          • STATUS: (OPEN)
    • Splatalogue:
      • DISCUSSION: What is the current progress on the offline version of splatalogue for the OT?
        • ACTION ITEM: Pulliam is working with Dan and Mike at NRAO on an automated way of updating the database. Pulliam will present the results of that process at the next meeting and give an update on the expected date of completion. Remijan will contact the OT group when assessment of completion is determined.
          • STATUS: (OPEN)
    • AOB:
      • When Remijan returns, the group will start going through the relevant references on interferometry and actually start looking at the data off the casaguides wiki and the ALMA commissioning data. Specifically, we will start walking through Thompson, Moran and Swenson (hereafter: TMS) and Remijan and Robin will start putting together a "tutorial" on how these magical waves from space get to our computer screen. This will be beneficial if we are going to offer instruction to the chem grad students and postdocs on interferometry and radio astronomy in general.
      • Next Group meeting: Friday, Oct 22 11AM

  • Persons/group who can change the list:

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