Astrochemistry Group Meetings - Oct 08, 2010

  • Agenda: ( ACTION ITEMS in RED)
    • Action Items that need/should be closed:
      • ACTION ITEM: STATUS: (PENDING) Robin has to have the AAS membership approved first to keep cost down
        • STATUS: (PENDING) Still waiting from the AAS.
    • Proposal Preparation:
      • DISCUSSION: CSO proposal is coming up at the end of October. Should we put in a proposal for either the submm continuum and/or spectral line observations considering the CSO is a DSB receiver system. Remijan proposed investigating the submm continuum emission from W Hydra and possibly looking at the submm lines of SO and SO2. The Astrochem group should also try to get out of the mm/submm/radio part of the spectrum and try to investigate the distribution of molecular species with respect to the sources of emission including optical, IR, UV, and X-rays. For example, what is the distribution of molecules around regions of high X-ray flux. Is there an enhancement at a particular depth in a cloud where the X-ray flux can drive a chemistry instead of destroying molecules? Also, what is the chemistry around the most extreme environments including SNR.
        • ACTION ITEM: Robin will start to investigate the submm emission around O-rich AGB stars and consider putting in a CSO proposal to map the submm continuum of the molecular envelope and to detect higher level transitions of SO and SO2.
          • STATUS: (OPEN)
    • Paper Preparation:
      • DISCUSSION: NH2OH Paper - Brett sent email on the paper status. Remijan replied; Robin is the lead.
        • ACTION ITEM: Robin has gathered the 3mm data and there is a clear non-detection. That data is now posted to the NH2OH wiki. Robin also will take the lead and let Remijan and Brett know what to provide and how to proceed in drafting the paper. All correspondence should be through the NH2OH wiki page..
          • STATUS: (OPEN)
      • DISCUSSION: Trans - ethyl methyl ether paper
        • ACTION ITEM: Robin has the W51 data in a save file. Will make ascii files and send to Tony after fully reducing the data.
          • STATUS: (PENDING) Still gathering the info.
    • Splatalogue:
      • DISCUSSION: What is the current progress on the offline version of splatalogue for the OT?
        • ACTION ITEM: Robin still working on updating the catalog "by hand" but will be getting help from Dan Klopp and Mike Hatz on a routine to automatically update each species. That routine should be tested on the more complex molecules sometime early next week according to Dan. Robin will follow-up and test that routine. In the meantime, still updating by hand and working from the "most massive" back.
          • STATUS: (OPEN)
    • AOB:
      • When Remijan returns, the group will start going through the relevant references on interferometry and actually start looking at the data off the casaguides wiki and the ALMA commissioning data. Specifically, we will start walking through Thompson, Moran and Swenson (hereafter: TMS) and Remijan and Robin will start putting together a "tutorial" on how these magical waves from space get to our computer screen. This will be beneficial if we are going to offer instruction to the chem grad students and postdocs on interferometry and radio astronomy in general.
      • Next Group meeting THURSDAY - 10/14/2010?

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