Astrochemistry Group Meetings - Sept 30, 2010

  • Agenda: ( ACTION ITEMS in RED)
    • Action Items that need/should be closed:
      • ACTION ITEM: STATUS: (COMPLETED) Robin spoke with Hibbard. It is possible for postdocs to go to ALMA and have it count towards the total NAASC contribution.
        • STATUS: (CLOSED) Remijan needs to talk with Hibbard about "what he is thinking". Will do so when John comes to Chile for the OpsRR. Entire CSV liaison duties may be taken up next year. Remijan still on the books to go down in April. May bring Robin with at that time.
      • ACTION ITEM: STATUS: (PENDING) Robin has to have the AAS membership approved first to keep cost down
        • STATUS: (PENDING) Still waiting from the AAS.
      • ACTION ITEM: (PENDING) Robin has yet to register for the NAASC meeting.
        • STATUS: (CLOSED) Registered on 9/24/2010
    • Proposal Preparation:
      • ACTION ITEM: Joanna sent first draft of eVLA proposal to group on 9/21/2010 for review. Waiting for comments.
        • STATUS: (CLOSED) Remijan sent back comments on 9/26/2010. Move this discussion and copy of the proposal to the eVLA section of the wiki. Final proposal submitted - posted to eVLA wiki.
      • ACTION ITEM: Robin to send group first draft of proposal.
        • STATUS: (PENDING): Robin sent draft to Tony and comments were received back. Current discussion and working draft of proposal on on th eVLA section of the wiki. Final proposal submitted - posted to eVLA wiki.
      • ACTION ITEM: Remijan sent drafts of HCCCHO Proposal - Editted version based on Joanna's comments posted: HCCCHO_v2.0.doc.
        • STATUS: (PENDING): Robin sent comments on 9/25/2010. Final version of the proposal will be moved to the GBT section of the wiki. Heard from Amy but did not get comments. Final proposal submitted - posted to GBT wiki.
      • ACTION ITEM: Robin submitted 12m proposal on tMeF toward Orion. Question, should this and other things we are working on be posted here for the group or should we just pass them around via email?
        • STATUS: (CLOSED): Robin will post final version of the proposal to the 12m section of the wiki.
    • Paper Preparation:
      • DISCUSSION: NH2OH Paper - How are we going to organize the paper writing? Google Docs, email? Should we bring Brett into these meetings at some point in October when we start writing?
        • ACTION ITEM: Robin is currently gathering the 3mm data.
          • STATUS: (CLOSED) We will use the NH2OH section of the wiki. Remijan will move all notes and correspondence on the NH2OH discussion there. When we start writing, will call in Brett for the discussion.
      • DISCUSSION: Trans - ethyl methyl ether paper
        • ACTION ITEM: Robin has the W51 data in a save file. Will make ascii files and send to Tony after fully reducing the data.
          • STATUS: (PENDING) Still gathering the info.
    • Splatalogue:
      • DISCUSSION: Remijan wrote a Quick Guide to Splatalogue and sent it around to the group on 9/21/2010 asking for comments. The version of the Splatalogue Quick Guide can be found here. SplatQuickUserGuide.pdf. Also, Remijan and Lacy editted the Splatalogue memo. The newest version of the memo can be found here: SplatalogueMemo1_ml_ajr.doc.
        • ACTION ITEM: Group should review the Quick Guide and send comments back. If interested, look over the memo but that is really a Lacy/Remijan deliverable unless you find a gross mistake somewhere.
          • STATUS: (CLOSED). Joanna sent comments on the memo on 9/22/2010. Remijan still working them in. UPDATE: Remijan sent new version of the Splat Guide to group members on 9/25/2010. Will send the final version to Lacy on 9/26/2010 and post the final version to the Memos part of the wiki. Final versions posted to the memos section of the wiki.
      • DISCUSSION: Remijan had a discussion with the OT group on 9/25/2010. From that discussion, a new version of the offline version of Splatalogue was requested. The fields that were required are: Formula, Name, Frequency, Resolved Quantum Numbers, Lovas Astronomical detected line strength, Sijmu2, Upper state energy in K. There should also be for every transition a flag of where they were observed (i.e., what region), we should flag the top "100" transitions/band and the top 20 molecules. Recombination and U-lines will be handled separately and differently. The new offline version of the OT needs to be delivered by Oct 25, 2010.
        • ACTION ITEM: Robin to start work on updating the splat database.
          • STATUS: (OPEN) The most effective way is to flag the NRAO recommended frequency with "in_space" and to put in the detected Lovas astronomical intensity.
    • AOB:
      • DISCUSSION: Talked with Justin about the Jansky fellowship..
      • Next Group meeting Friday - 10/08/2010; Robin only?

  • Persons/group who can change the list:
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