Astrochemistry Group Meetings - Sept 17, 2010

  • Agenda: ( ACTION ITEMS in RED)
    • Review of last weeks' action Items
      • DISCUSSION: See items from the last week (s) that are now closed.
    • Updates on proposal writing
      • DISCUSSION: Joanna: Some text written/EtCN Implementation/GBT PRIMOS covers EtCN as expected and other Nitriles. Located in same position in absorption. Working on first draft.
        • ACTION ITEM: Remijan to send Joanna Justin's ppt presentation on the Nitriles/Joanna to send group first draft of proposal.
          • STATUS: (CLOSED): Remijan sent Joanna Justin's ppt.
          • STATUS: (CLOSED): Joanna sent first draft to group on 9/21/2010 for review. Waiting for comments. Move discussion to eVLA proposal part of the wiki
      • First Draft of the HCCCHO Proposal has been finished and can be downloaded: HCCCHO_Proposal_AJR.doc. I believe that we want at least 10mK rms in order to do this experiment given the line strength of the transition seen at 18.65 GHz. To achieve this goal and get all the lines in the GBT frequency range, we will need: 1hr at X, 4hrs at K, 8hrs at Ka and 8hrs at Q-band. This comes to 21 hours of OnOff mode or a total of 25 hours if we count overhead. Therefore, this will be the only source we plan to do in the proposal.
        • ACTION ITEM: Group should look over first draft and comment.
          • STATUS: (CLOSED): Joanna sent comments. Robin sent comments, heard from Amy but didn't get her comments. Move discussion to GBT proposal part of the wiki.
      • DISCUSSION: Robin: Primary goal of the WHydra experiment will be mapping SO at Q band with the eVLA Working on first draft.
        • ACTION ITEM: Robin to send group first draft of proposal.
          • STATUS: (PENDING):
      • GBT Proposal on tMeF toward Orion was accepted and WILL be scheduled for this fall.
        • ACTION ITEM: Observing file and DSS schedule needs to be set up before Sept 27th. Jules Harnett at the GBT is our "friend". Assigned to Robin.
          • STATUS: (CLOSED): Got in contact with Toney Minter who set up Robin as an observer on the project. She will submit the DSS schedule and observe file for the project.
    • Updates on paper preparation
      • DISCUSSION: NH2OH - Several papers were discussed about the grain surface formation route to this molecule.
        • ACTION ITEM: Robin will take the lead on the paper after Oct 1. Remijan will contact Charnley on any new developments on NH2OH formation on grains. Remijan will contact Brett from the SLWW group to see if he wants to join in. Robin will look through the 12m archives and see if any of the data are inconsistent with a non-detection. The primary source of the data will be the Turner 2mm survey data.
          • STATUS: (CLOSED): Remijan emailed Charnley - 9/21/2010 - Charnley just got back from travel. Will follow-up in the next couple weeks.
          • STATUS: (CLOSED): Remijan emailed Brett - 9/21/2010 - Sent the papers and initial work done on NH2OH. Will follow-up next week.
          • STATUS: (PENDING): How are we going to organize the paper writing? Google Docs, email? - Move discussion to NH2OH part of the wiki.
          • STATUS: (PENDING): Should we bring Brett into these meetings at some point in October when we start writing? - Yes...move discussion to NH2OH part of the wiki
    • AOB:

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