Astrochemistry Group Meetings - Sept 10, 2010

  • Agenda: ( ACTION ITEMS in RED)
    • Review of last week's action Items
    • New Business:
      • Talk to JStoke about NRAO Open House
        • DISCUSSION:
          • ACTION ITEM: Have Robin go knock on John's door to get an answer.
            • STATUS: (CLOSED) -Remijan found out from Sheila Marks that there is no Open House this year... it is held every 2 years
      • New High School Student will be joining the team - need to get them set up.
        • DISCUSSION: UVa Grad students are hosting some gifted/interested high school students. We received an interested student.
          • ACTION ITEM: Remijan & Pulliam need to define a project for the student, provide background reading material and plan for data reduction and analysis.
            • STATUS: (PENDING) Remijan sent articles to read on 9/14/2010. Remijan and Pulliam were given access to the students "Google Folder" at: (STILL WAITING)
      • Joanna needs to get working on GBT data reduction
        • DISCUSSION: Given the work load and eVLA proposal, we will postpone this until after the Oct 1st proposal deadline.
          • ACTION ITEM: NONE
            • STATUS: (CLOSED)
      • Plans for papers?
        • DISCUSSION: Robin is finishing one more paper with Lucy. After that, work should begin on the NH2OH and trans-ethyl methyl ether paper toward W51.
          • ACTION ITEM: Make sure that Robin has all the existing NH2OH Data. She will be going through the 12m archive in Sgr for 3mm transitions of NH2OH. We will primarily use the data from Turner's 2mm and Nummelin's 1mm surveys. Need to answer the question does NO freeze out on grains like CO? If not, then it cannot hydrogenate on grain surfaces to NH2OH like CO goes to CH3OH. Plus, with the non-detection, this is evidence against the radical formation model of SLWW et al. Ask Brett Maguire to be included in the project. Who should take the lead and how should we prepare the documents for the paper?
            • STATUS: (CLOSED) Robin is currently gathering the 3mm data. Move discussion to NH2OH section of the wiki.
          • ACTION ITEM: Robin will collect all the data from the W51 survey on t-EME. Remijan to make sure that Robin has all the requisite analysis on the t-EME data that has been completed.
            • STATUS: (CLOSED) Robin has the W51 data in a save file. Will make ascii files and send to Tony after fully reducing the data. Move discussion to trans ethyl methyl ether part of the wiki.
      • Splatalogue Updates and Progress,,,
        • DISCUSSION: User guide for the OpsRR? Status on action items from last week?
          • ACTION ITEM: Remijan will ask John if a "user guide" is needed for the OpsRR.
            • STATUS: (CLOSED) Remijan needs to write a short "user guide" for the OpsRR. Will ask for help in the review of the document by group members. Draft completed 9/21/10
      • AOB?
        • DISCUSSION: CCU must submit a proposal to the 12m. Suggest to propose for t-MeF in Orion.
          • ACTION ITEM: Robin will take the lead on the proposal writing and submission to the 12m.
            • STATUS: (CLOSED): Proposal Submitted 9/17/2010
        • DISCUSSION: Robin to attend the AAS and NAASC meetings in January. Joanna not going to attend either at this time.
          • ACTION ITEM: Robin will register for both meetings...
            • STATUS: (PENDING) Robin has to have the AAS membership approved first to keep cost down
            • STATUS: (CLOSED) Robin has yet to register for the NAASC meeting.
        • DISCUSSION: Robin and Joanna cannot edit the twiki pages.
          • ACTION ITEM: Remijan will set up an AstrochemGroup wiki and make sure that Robin and Joanna can edit the Minutes and Agenda pages.
        • DISCUSSION: No group meeting Oct 8th, Robin and Joanna out of town.
          • ACTION ITEM: NONE
            • STATUS: (CLOSED) AstrochemGroup group meeting canceled for 10/8/2010.

  • Persons/group who can change the list:

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