Steps to Add a new RX to Ygor

  • Add the new RX name to ScanCoordinator.conf
  • Add an entry for the receiver in the antenna_pfm database receiver table.
  • Using the script in gbt/devices/antenna/AntennaPyRDB, use create_new_beam() to add beam entries for the new RX for each pointing configuration in use.
  • Follow the normal rules for adding a new receiver to the IFManager. Usually this ends up adding parameters to the IFManager (for each new port), so a complete rebuild/reinstall is usually necessary.
  • Create a 'receivername'.conf config file and add:
    • LO1 receiver model information (e.g. sideband, LO multiplier etc.)
    • Frequency vs. LO1 power level data for the LO1 auto-leveling
    • A line which describes which port is the LO1 input port (used for LO1 routing):
        # LO power/frequency map:
        LO1pwr.N := 2
        LO1pwr[0].frequency := 11000.0
        LO1pwr[1].frequency := 13000.0
        LO1pwr[0].power := +10
        LO1pwr[1].power := +10
        # LO Sideband setting
        LO1.sideband := "upper";

        port.LO1 := "J1";
  • Add a line to ObsPeak.conf and ObsFocus.conf describing the rates FWHM, beam selection etc, for peak and focus scans.

-- JoeBrandt - 23 Jan 2009
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