ALMA OPT Crib Sheets

TIP Last Update: JeffMangum - 17 Feb 2007

OPT Hardware Control

The OPT hardware can be controlled quite effectively through a Python interface. To run this interface, start ACS then open a shell and do the following:

  1. python
  2. import CCL.OpticalPointing
  3. op = CCL.OpticalPointing.OpticalPointing('ALMA04')
  4. tel = op.getOpticalTelescope()
  5. op.initializeHardware(): To initialize the hardware (turn camera on, do dark frames, open shutter, etc.).
  6. dir(op): To see what functions are available from the high-level interface.
  7. dir(tel): To see what functions are available for low-level control of the OPT.

-- JeffMangum - 15 Feb 2007

Setting the Pointing Model

The pointing model can be (re)set from the command line using the SetPtModel script. Use the command SetPtModel -h to see what the syntax of this command is. A typical use of this routine is as follows:

SetPtModel --name=ALMA04 --file=mymodelfilename

The structure of the mymodelfilename is as follows:

Enabled        1
BAND           0
IA             -74.20
IE           -1415.30
HASA            +0.00
HASA2           -3.26
HESE            +0.00
HECE           -16.81
HESA2           -1.04
HECA2           +1.41
NPAE           +28.64
CA           -1038.50
AN              +7.70
AW              -0.95

Pointing terms which are not included in the mymodelfilename are set to zero.

-- JeffMangum - 15 Feb 2007

What To Do When the AEC Antenna Az Drive Faults Due to Servo Oscillation

This happens a lot. When trying to track a source at high elevation (>85 degrees or so) the azimuth drive will mistakenly detect a servo oscillation and shutdown. Don't bother trying to clear this fault with the "shittyCom" interface to the AEC ACU. Use the ObjectExplorer:

  • objexp: To start ObjectExplorer from a terminal
  • MountAEC: Select the AEC Mount controller
  • CONTROL/ALMA04/MountController/...: Select the AEC mount controller
  • clearFaults(): Select the clear faults command

At this point you should be able to put the AEC antenna into track mode.

-- JeffMangum - 16 Feb 2007

ShittyCom Tips

If you are so unfortunate to have to use the "ShittyCom" interface to the AEC antenna, my condolences. To connect to the ShittyCom from a terminal:
  • ssh root@openbrick
  • (see CR wall)
  • killall minicom;sleep 3;minicom -c on
  • F12: Use l/r arrow keys to move amounst the essentially uninformative screens
  • 33: Clear faults command
  • F9: View fault status screen (nothing useful here)

-- JeffMangum - 17 Feb 2007
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