ALCHEMI Metadata Listing

TIP Last Modified: JeffMangum - 20 February 2020

This listing is meant to provide ALCHEMI Collab members working on research projects a detailed summary of all ALCHEMI survey measurements (both projects 2017.1.00161.L and 2018.1.00162.S).

The ALCHEMI metadata listing (in csv format) has been extracted using astroquery as follows:
In [1]: from astroquery.alma import Alma
In [2]: from import ascii
In [3]: from astropy.table import vstack
# NOTE: The public=False is important as you will miss any proprietary data in the archive
In [4]: alchemi_data = Alma.query(payload={'project_code':'2017.1.00161.L'},public=False)
In [5]: b5_data = Alma.query(payload={'project_code':'2018.1.00162.S'},public=False)
In [6]: alchemi_data_all = vstack([alchemi_data,b5_data])
In [7]: alma = Alma()
In [8]: alchemi_data.colnames
In [9]: ascii.write(alchemi_data_all,'ALCHEMIListingAll.csv',format='csv',fast_writer=False,overwrite=True)

The column names in this csv file are:
In [7]: alchemi_data.colnames
['Project code',
 'Source name',
 'Galactic longitude',
 'Galactic latitude',
 'Spatial resolution',
 'Frequency resolution',
 'Release date',
 'Frequency support',
 'Velocity resolution',
 'Pol products',
 'Observation date',
 'PI name',
 'SB name',
 'Proposal authors',
 'Line sensitivity (10 km/s)',
 'Continuum sensitivity',
 'Group ous id',
 'Member ous id',
 'Asdm uid',
 'Project title',
 'Project type',
 'Scan intent',
 'Field of view',
 'Largest angular scale',
 'QA2 Status',
 'Science keyword',
 'Scientific category',

-- JeffMangum - 2020-02-20

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