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Discussion Topics:

  • Kamaljeet Saini and Al Wootten: The ALMA Band 2+ Science Case, Receiver Development, and Planning for Construction and Commissioning on ALMA
    • Abstract: The NRAO/CDL led ALMA Band 2 team has successfully built and qualified a Band 2 prototype cartridge (covering 67 – 90 GHz, with extended coverage to 95 GHz, with further re-optimization over extended range currently ongoing) under a NA ALMA Cycle 2 development project. The measured average receiver temperature of this 2SB system, which incorporates MMIC type cryogenic low noise amplifiers, is about 40 K. At the end of May 2017, the milestone of a Preliminary Design Review was successfully completed for this receiver design. Earlier this year, in response to the Cycle 5 call for ALMA development projects, the Band 2 team submitted a construction proposal to outfit all ALMA antennas with optimized Band 2+ cartridges (covering 67 – 95 GHz). This SciTech presentation will provide an overview of the science drivers, receiver architecture, hardware development, measured prototype performance, discuss ongoing development work to optimize the receiver design for extended frequency coverage to 95 GHz, and review the current plans and proposed schedule for the construction phase.

Open Mic

  • Open floor for discussion on other topics as time permits

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