NRAO Science and Technical (SciTech) Discussion Group 2016-02-12

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Discussion Topics:

  • Al Wootten: The ALMA Development Program: Present and Future
    • Abstract: ALMA has been producing science since Early Science began in 2011. 337 papers (see[][]=ALMA) have been published, garnering over 3000 citations. New papers appear on arXiv several times per week. The ALMA Development Program is fully embarked on a program of upgrades to the baseline mission, with a focus on equipping the array with a full complement of receivers. New ALMA Development Studies suggest a variety of pathways to an even more productive instrument. ALMA scientists recently completed a survey of future needs to guide further development initiatives. From these, a path to ALMA in 2030 can be forged. In this talk I provide an overview of ALMA Development as well as a personal vision of ALMA in the next decade.

Open Mic

  • Open floor for discussion on other topics as time permits

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