NRAO Science and Technical (SciTech) Discussion Group 2015-12-04

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Discussion Topics:

  • Brian Mason: Relative Integration Times and Spatial Response of the ALMA 12m, 7m, and Total Power Arrays
    • Abstract: In order to address the diversity of millimeter and sub millimeter science that is of interest to astronomers, ALMA has 3 distinct telescope arrays that provide sensitivity to a wide range of angular structures. Separately, one of ALMA’s design goals is to be easy to use by astronomers who are not expert at interferometry. As a result the ALMA project presents a very simplified interface to astronomers, which in particular does not make explicit reference to things like array configurations but instead requires astronomers to define a desired resolution, sensitivity, and largest angular scale of interest. I’ll discuss some of the subtleties that arise and work the ALMA imaging team is doing to better match ALMA data to scientists’ desires. One issue which arises — which again, is under ALMA project, not PI control — is the amount of integration time that will be spent in the various array configurations (12m / 7m / TP). I’ll discuss work that has been done to determine appropriate relative integration times and describe the current practices.

Open Mic

  • Open floor for discussion on other topics as time permits

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