NRAO Science and Technical (SciTech) Discussion Group 2015-09-18

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Discussion Topics:

  • Rachel Rosen: The ALMA Online Control Software: An Overview and Way to Improve Data Quality
    • Abstract: The Online Control software is one of the core components of the ALMA software. I will give a practical overview of the software, oriented towards scientists involved in data reduction. I will describe the flow of the software from the python SSR scripts run by the AoDs, through the Control (focusing on DataCapturer) and TelCal components, finishing at the Archive. I will also discuss peripheral components (such as QuickLook, WebAQUA) and Scheduling. I will also outline the software testing cycle: our buildfarm in Socorro, testing at NRAO and the OSF, and the release cycle. More generally, why bugs found in the datasets can take a seemingly long time to get fixed, and how communication can help this process. Finally, I will discus some areas of future development and improvement.

Open Mic

  • Open floor for discussion on other topics as time permits

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