NRAO Papers Functions

Specifications of the telbib system when received:

ADS/Full-Text Searching

  1. Ability to import (using the ADS link from the search page) papers based on search riteria via the full-text search feature. Telbib would then go out to specified journals, import the PDF, converting it to text, and search for the keywords. A report was generated on whether the record was in telbib or not.
  2. The list would remain until all were added, deleted, or . . .
  3. Only one list could be maintained at a time.
  4. Processing (searching against the full-text) can be done in batches or suspended but upon return, the list is as left—it does not disappear.
  5. Records that have been added can be deleted or the entire list or sections of the list can be deleted
    • ALERT! REQUEST: ADS import capability with retention of import, until a single list is complete, be added back to make NRAOPapers more useful and less time-consuming to add from an ADS import

Method to handle preprints:

  1. Preprints can be added, then overlaid with the published version
  2. astro-ph or arXiv Bibcode is replaced with Published Bibcode; record saved.
  3. Update is run from telbib which pulls in only the title, author, and citation; this retains all the information in the telescope, proposal, comments, etc. fields.
    • ALERT! REQUEST: Restore the functionality of the "Citaiton Update" to allow preprint records to be updated and to update the citation and H-Index counts which should be updated at least monthly, but weekly provides a more accurate, complete database.

-- PatrickMurphy - 01 Jul 2008
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