Draft ISST Subject Index

This document is a rough draft of the terms to be used as a subject index of ISSTT articles. Terms are organized into four broad categories or facets. Within each facet, terms are grouped with variations of the primary term in parentheses. For instance, the primary term 'microwaves' has to have a secondary term 'microwave' in order for a search of either the plural or singular term to return full results.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Gamma Rays ( Gamma Ray, Gamma, Gamma Radiation)

Infrared Waves ( Infrared, Infrared Radiation)

Long Waves ( USE Radio Waves)

Microwaves ( Microwave)

Millimeter Wavelengths ( Millimeter Wavelength, Millimeter Waves, Millimeter Wave, Millimeter)

Radio Waves ( Radio Wave)

Space Terahertz ( Terahertz)

Submillimeter Wavelengths ( Submillimeter Wavelength, Submillimeter Wave, Submillimeter)

Terahertz Pulses ( Terahertz)

Terahertz Radiation ( Terahertz)

Terrestrial Terahertz ( Terahertz)

Ultraviolet Waves ( Ultraviolet Wave, Ultraviolet)

Visible Light Waves ( Visible Light Wave, Visible Light, Light, Visible Spectrum)

X-rays ( X-ray)


Amplifiers-Generation ( Amplifiers, Amplifier)

Amplifiers-Signal ( Amplifiers, Amplifier)

Antennas ( USE Receivers, Antenna)

Arrays ( Array)

Atmospheric Sounders ( Atmospheric Sounder, Sounder)

Bolometers ( Bolometer)

Capacitors ( USE Varactors, Capacitor)

Cryogenic Mixers ( Cryogenic Mixer, Cryogenic)

Diodes ( Diode)

Generation Arrays ( Arrays, Array)

Generation Devices

Gunn Devices ( USE Gunn Diodes, Gunn Device)

Gunn Diodes ( Gunn Diode, Diode, Gunn)

Hot Carrier Diodes ( Hot Carrier Diode, Hot Carrier)

Interferometers ( Interferometer)

Laser Diodes ( Laser Diode, Laser, Diode)

Microwave Mixers ( Microwave Mixer)

Mixers ( Mixer, Mixing)

Observation Devices (

Oscillators ( Oscillator)

Polarimeters ( Polarimeter)

Quasioptical Mixers ( Quasioptical Mixer, Quasioptical)

Radiometers ( Radiometer)

Receivers ( Receiver)

Schottky Diodes ( Schottky Diode, Schottky)

Sideband Generators ( Sideband Generator, Sideband)

SIS Mixers ( SIS Mixer, SIS, Superconductor Insulator Superconductor)

Spectrographs ( USE Spectrometers, Spectrograph)

Spectrometers ( Spectrometer)

Transducers-Signal ( Transducer)

Transducers-Generation ( Transducer)

Transistors ( Transistor)

Varactors ( Varactor)

Waveguides ( Waveguide)


Atmospheric Absorption

Heterodyne Mixing ( Heterodyne)



Interference Suppression

Noise ( USE Interference)

Photomixing ( Photomixer)

Polarizing ( Polarized, Polarize)

Radio Frequency Interference ( Frequency Interference, Radio Interference, RFI)

Reflective Imaging ( Reflection Imaging)

Simulations ( Simulation)

Spectral Imaging ( Spectrum Imaging)


Circuits and Optics ( Circuits, Circuit, Optics)

Electroforming ( Electroformed)

Fabrication Applications ( Fabrication, Fabricating, Fabricate)

Radio Astronomy Applications ( Radio Astronomy)

Resolving Enhancements ( Resolving Power)

Semiconductors ( Semiconductor)

Signal Isolation

Submillimeter Astronomy Applications ( USE Radio Astronomy Applications, Submillimeter Astronomy)

Superconductors ( Superconductor)

Temperature Effects ( Temperature Effect)

Tunable Circuits ( Tunable Circuit, Tunable)

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