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2.2.1 Integrated Downconverter Module (Pixel 1) – The Integrated Downconverter Module will comprise the warm part of the pixel. It will provide additional amplification, filtering, and block downconversion for each of the polarizations. Two versions are required so that all fourteen channels can be multiplexed onto the eight GBT IF channels. This task includes the design for combing the signals. This task also includes development and testing of one dual-polarized set of modules for use in the prototype pixel.

2.2.2 LO Module; This module uses as inputs the LO1A and LO1B synthesizers and supplies all the IDM's the necessary LO signals. If fixed oscillators are required, this module supplies that frequency phase locked to the available maser references. This tasks should supply the fourteen local oscillators for the seven pixel design and be easily expandable to accommodate more pixels.

2.2.5 Bias, Monitor, and Control System (Pixel 1) – This includes the bias supplies, monitoring points, and protection circuitry that powers all the active components of the pixel.
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