• A set of typical array observing modes: Project Scientist.
    • Expected data rates and volumes/scan lengths: Project Scientist.
  • A defined set of calibration techniques/processes: Project Scientist.
  • A set of initial specifications for each component: Project Team.
  • Defined responsibilities for each pipeline component: Projects Team.
  • Programming language employed. (Python seems to be agreed upon at this time): Project Team

Early Decisions for the Pipeline

  • Scope of the project: Does expandability create too much added complexity that negatively impacts the 2010 commissioning schedule.
  • Does infrastructure exist for pipeline implementation using parallel processing architecture.
    • Calgary Contingent has this capability currently
    • Bob Garwood and Amy Shelton need to reconcile this by July time frame.
  • Additional meta-data inclusions.
  • A data set for development: Do we need a set generated form the August/September telescope tests, or does archived data exist that will suffice.

  • The position for a Project Scientists has not been filled. DJ Pisano and Jay Lockman are interim; however both have other duties which limits efforts in defining the scope and content of the pipeline.
  • Can the August/September tests be accomplished by committee. (current thinking is affirmative).
  • The data reduction methodology is perceived has potentially evolving with the development process complicating the tasks.

  • Advantageous to use code from other projects.
  • Umass pipeline array algorithms and software components applicable. If so, how much can be used?
  • Assumption: The GBT IDL data formats will be compatible with the pipeline. If not an IO module can be developed for this task.
  • Reconvene on a July time frame to satisfy prerequisites.
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