A large number of laboratory tests were performed before putting the receiver on the antenna. These include:
  • Gain curves over frequency band
  • Noise temperature measurements (Y factor)
  • Baseline stability (Lab Spectrometer Tests)
  • Comparison of GBT K band versus KFPA noise cal :KFPA_vs_oldK_(Tcal).pdf

  • Issues(?) noted during lab testing (RDN 04Sep08):
    • LO1 +/- 3,4 X LO2 mixer spurs in IF band up to 30dB above TP in 3MHz RBW.
    • Ripple and slope in IF output total power: Ripple ~5dB p-p; slope ~-5dB 1.2-2.8 GHz.
    • IF rolloff 2.8-3.0 GHz.
    • Noise increase at high frequency end. Need to understand cause at least.
    • LO1 frequency range. Desirable to tune 18 & 26.5 GHz to center IF?
    • Series resistance high in noise module driver circuit.
    • Multilevel Tcals? Is this a requirement?
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