Software for the K-band Focal Plane Array (KFPA)

GBT software improvements and extensions are a critical part of the KFPA project, which will enable important new scientific results to be obtained with the GBT and KFPA.

Software Planning Documents

Monitor and Control of the Focal Plane Array

Software Modification Requests (MRs)

Data Pipeline Effort

We plan a revolutionary change in the standard method of GBT data reduction, starting with the KFPA project. For a certain set of standard KFPA observing modes, the images will be automatically calibrated, gridded, merged and provided to the observer. The development of this idea is presented below as a series of links to planning meetings.

To achieve automatic display and reduction of the KFPA images, we will need to make a number of improvements and extensions to the existing GBT software system.
  • Pipeline interface Directives to GBT observing system. (Allows setting Pipeline start/stop and mapping parameters such as map center, size, flagging and mapping techniques).

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Existing K-band Data

Video Conferences

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