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Feb 11, 2010, GW

The cabling file shows
# Seven Pixel 18-26.5 GHz Array Receiver Low, High
RcvrKFPA:J1 -> IFRouter:J7              # L5, L4
RcvrKFPA:J2 -> IFRouter:J15             # L6, L2
RcvrKFPA:J3 -> IFRouter:J24             # R5, R4
RcvrKFPA:J4 -> IFRouter:J31             # R6, R2
RcvrKFPA:J5 -> IFRouter:J37             # L7, L3 
RcvrKFPA:J6 -> IFRouter:J47             # NC, L1
RcvrKFPA:J7 -> IFRouter:J56             # R7, R3
RcvrKFPA:J8 -> IFRouter:J63             # NC, R1

To interpret,

The Multiplexer outputs directly correspond to the J number,
i.e, the output of Multiplexer 1 is RcvrKFPA:J1,
Multiplexer 2 is RcvrKFPA:J2, etc.

The low frequency side of J1 has the Left polarization of Beam 5,
the high frequency side of J1 has the Left pol of Beam 4...
the low side of J47 isn't connected to anything,
the high side has the Left pol of Beam 1, etc.

The LO connections are
LO1Router:S7_J5 -> RcvrKFPA:J17
LO1Router:S8_J5 -> RcvrKFPA:J18

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