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  • I understand that the dewar will be designed to hold 61 pixels. Presumably there will be some sort of mounting plate to hold the feeds at the top, and some sort of mating unit for the pixel to plug in to at the bottom. Then the feeds will be "cartridges" in some sense. I still think it would make sense to consider the possibility (which may turn out to be insane) of, as well as a regular (hexagonal) layout, considering the possibility of creating (presumably via computer-controlled machining) "custom" top and bottom plates, where the cartridge locations are arbitrary (subject to the constraint that the feeds do not overlap). Then, once per month say, the dewar could be warmed up, the 7 pixels and standard mounting plates removed, the new mount plates installed, and the pixels replaced. Voila, a multi-object spectrograph. Of course, this would only make sense with a feed rotator, which I have argued against.... But I think it would be worth one day to brainstorm this idea, and the potential costs. It might be considered a downstream upgrade.

-- RichardPrestage - 05 Jun 2007
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