The Resource estimates are driven by the target milestones for this project. Overall, we'd like this project to lead to a pipeline review. The goal of the pipeline review is to comment on the approach and fully specify the pipeline that is targeted for full operation in Fall 2010.

Target Date Deliverable Document/Link Lead Completed
2009-11-18 Weather-based calibration scalars to SDFITS output (tau-zenith and T-atm) document MR-23C509 Bob choice-no
2009-11-18 Rest frequencies to GO FITS file to be used by SDFITS MR-1Q110 Bob choice-no
2009-12-01 Tracking the RA, Dec of the selected beam in multi-beam feed systems MR-3C608 Bob choice-no
2009-12-15 Weather-based calibration scalars to SDFITS output (tau-zenith and Tatm) complete MR-23C509 Bob choice-no
2009-12-18 Description of Calibration Goals in prototype scripts   Glen choice-no
2010-01-15 AIPS imaging callable from IDL document MR-? Glen choice-no
2010-01-15 Define image cube output frequency definition (interpolation etc) MR-? Jay choice-no
2010-01-15 Scal/vector calibration methods   Ron/Frank choice-no
2010-01-15 Scal/vector calibration use documentation   Glen choice-no
2010-01-30 Prototype pipeline implemented   Bob/Joe choice-yes
2010-02-15 AIPS imaging callable from IDL complete MR-? Bob choice-no
2010-04-01 Pipeline Prototype Internal Review   Glen choice-no
2010-04-15 Full Pipeline Development Plan Circulated   Glen choice-no
2010-05-15 Pipeline v1.0 (python, with some real-time features) delivered   Bob/Joe choice-no
2010-08-15 Pipeline external review   Glen choice-no

-- JoeMasters - 2009-11-30
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