Project Charter

Observations in the K-band frequency spectrum (18-26.5 GHz) of extended sources in the spectral line require inordinate amounts of telescope time with a single pixel receiver. Focal-plane array instruments improve telescope efficiency with additional sampling of the aperture plane. A seven beam K-band instrument will be developed that improves mapping speed and map calibration for extended molecular regions, and provides a costing model for future focal-plane array projects. The funding of the project is through Lockheed Martin funds which includes a contingency for beginning work on spectrometer development and data transmission, or for funding personnel in case of schedule slippages.

Project Deliverables

  • A dual circular polarized seven beam K-band receiver with up to 1.8 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth.
  • Software for monitor and control, configuration support, and data analysis.
  • A documented design and costing model per pixel for expansion of the instrument.

Project Scope

In three years an instrument for improved spectral line mapping at K-band is delivered. Although the feeds are uncooled, all components preceding and including the HEMT amplifiers are cooled providing low system temperature for efficient mapping. Calibration is by a cooled noise injection module. A tunable downconverter multiplexes two fixed polarizations onto a single channel compatible with the existing GBT IF system and spectrometer. A data analysis package will aid in instrument commissioning and provide methods for generating maps from the collected data.

Outside the scope are:
  • A new spectrometer and data transmission system.
  • An efficient and extensive data reduction package.
  • Increased data storage and archiving capabilities.

Communications Plan

  • A monthly meeting with team members.
  • Weekly progress at Friday Commissioning Meetings.
  • Conceptual Design Review to finalize the design (~1/08).
  • Critical Design Review for single pixel results disclosure (~08/08).
  • Periodic reports to Users Committee.
  • Monthly updates sent to email list.
  • NRAO newsletters updates.
  • NRAO-GB instrumentation brochures status report.
  • Poster presentations or talks at SPIE, or other similar conferences.


  • User Committee
  • Science Advisory Committee
  • The general users community and news letter recipients.
  • Fred Lo, NRAO Director
  • Phil Jewel, NRAO Associate Director
  • Karen O'Neil, GB Site Director
  • Jay Lockman, Project Scientist
  • Glen Langston, Scientist
  • Steve White, Project Manager
  • Matt Morgan, Project Engineer
  • Eric Bryerton, Engineer
  • Kamaljeet Saini, Engineer
  • Roger Norrod, Engineer
  • Bob Simon, Engineer
  • Gary Anderson, Engineer
  • Sivasankaran Srikanth, Engineer
  • Dennis Egan, Engineer

Project Charter Approval

  • Approved by PTCS Team Members
    • DONE Steve White
    • DONE Jay Lockman
    • DONE Matt Morgan
    • DONE Eric Bryerton
    • DONE Kamaljeet Saini
    • DONE Sivasankaran Srikanth
    • DONE Roger Norrod
    • DONE Bob Simon
    • DONE Gary Anderson
    • DONE Dennis Egan

  • Approved by GBT Program Management
    • DONE Karen O'Neil
    • DONE Richard Prestage

  • Use %X% not approve (will display ALERT!)
  • Use %Y% approve (will display DONE)

Costing and Schedule Information

2009AugustJDEcost.pdf Details of Labor Cost as of August 2009.

LM050expenditures2009_Cum.pdf Details of Parts Cost as of August 2009.

LM050expenditures2009.xls Details of expenditures as of March 2009.

Year 1 Effort Requests details responsibilities and efforts for the first year.

Year 2 Effort Requests details responsibilities and efforts for the second year.

Year 3 Effort Requests details responsibilities and efforts for the third year.

The Work Breakdown Structure for the project.

This networkdiagram is a diagram for development and construction, which details the interrelations.

A MS Project KFPAGanttupdateJuly2009.mpp: July 2009 update.

Estimated costs for a seven feed K band focal plane array: CostEstimate7feed.pdf

MS Excel file containing the tables for both labor estimates and cost estimates:Excel File

Project Milestones

Target Date Deliverable Complete Lead
01/15/08 System Design Complete with Conceptual Design Review acceptance. DONE
08/13/08 M&C Hardware Module with support software complete. DONE
08/22/08 Single Pixel Construction Complete DONE
08/31/08 Single Pixel Receiver Laboratory Characterization and Measurement. DONE
10/30/08 Single Pixel Receiver Telescope Commissioning Complete DONE
02/06/09 Critical Design Review Acceptance. DONE
08/01/09 Monitor and Control Hardware Delivered. DONE
08/15/09 Noise Module Delivered. DONE
09/01/09 Monitor and Control Hardware Delivered. DONE
09/07/09 Monitor and Control Software Tested with Hardware. DONE
09/07/09 Integrated Down Converter Module Delivered. DONE
10/13/09 Observing Support Status MR Status DONE Mark,Patrick,Steve,Glen
11/13/09 Multi-pixel Construction complete. DONE Bob Simon
01/25/10 System Integrate & LAB Test complete(without doubler). DONE Bob Simon
03/16/10 System Integrate & LAB Test complete(with doubler). DONE Bob Simon
03/31/10 Telescope Engineering Test Complete DONE Steve, Bob, Glen
11/08/10 Commissioning complete. ALERT! Glen
Seven Pixel Schedule

Pipeline Specific Milestones

Target Date Deliverable Document/Link Lead
09-11-18 Weather-based calibration scalars to SDFITS output (tau-zenith and T-atm) document MR-23C509 Bob
09-11-18 Rest frequencies to GO FITS file to be used by SDFITS MR-1Q110 Bob
09-12-01 Tracking the RA, Dec of the selected beam in multi-beam feed systems MR-3C608 Bob
09-12-15 Weather-based calibration scalars to SDFITS output (tau-zenith and Tatm) complete MR-23C509 Bob
09-11-25 AIPS imaging callable from IDL document MR-? Glen
09-12-15 Define image cube output frequency definition (interpolation etc) MR-? Jay
10-01-15 AIPS imaging callable from IDL complete MR-? Bob
10-01-15 Prototype pipeline implemented   Bob/Joe
10-01-15 Scal/vector calibration methods   Ron/Frank
10-01-15 Scal/vector calibration use documentation   Glen
10-03-01 Pipeline Prototype Internal Review   Glen
10-03-15 Full Pipeline Development Plan Circulated   Glen
10-05-15 Pipeline v1.0 (python, with some real-time features) delivered   Bob/Joe
10-08-15 Pipeline external review   Glen

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