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3.1.1 Array Cryogenics System – This is the cryogenic system for the full array. Ideally it would be designed for a fully-populated focal plane of 61 elements, but if that turns out to be impractical, the limiting number of pixels that it can handle should be determined.

3.1.2 Electromagnetic Components (Pixels 2-7) – As the electromagnetic components will have been developed for the first pixel, this task simply includes the fabrication/procurement and testing of components for pixels 2-7.

3.1.3 LNAs (Pixels 2-7) – This is the procurement of LNAs for pixels 2-7.

3.1.4 Noise Calibration Modules (Pixels 2-8) – This is the fabrication and testing of Noise Calibration Modules for pixels 2-7.

3.1.5 Pixel Frames (Pixels 2-8) – This is the fabrication of Pixel Frames for pixels 2-7.

3.2.1 Integrated Downconverter Modules (Pixels 2-8) – This is the fabrication and testing of IDMs for pixels 2-7.
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