KFPA Astrid Pipeline Interface

Modification Request #8 (C04 2009)

1. Introduction

The GBT observer must communicate to the KFPA pipeline some parameters regarding the observation. These parameters include all the standard information about a GBT observation, such as source name, observer frequency band etc. The pipeline processing system also needs information about the intended observation parameters, including
  • calibration methode
  • Full map size
  • Reference map location
  • Flagging methode

2. Background

3. Requirements

4. Design

5. Hardware IF path Spreadsheet

6. Deployment Checklist

Steps in the deployment checklist.

7. Test Plan

7.1 Internal Testing

The software group must fill out this section This section covers things like unit testing, simulator testing, and any other tests required to make sure this MR is ready for sponsor/integration/regression testing.

7.2 Sponsor Testing

7.3 Integration/Regression Tests

What do the integration/regression testers need to do in order to test this MR. _Software Group will add this section_


APPROVED To the best of my knowledge, the request in this MR is complete. I have thought through this request, and believe it to be an important feature to implement or bug to fix.
ACCEPTED I acknowledge that I have validated the completed code according to the acceptance tests.
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