Observation and Calibration Methods for the KFPA

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1. Introduction

The KFPA Pipeline will monitor the GBT observing status and produce real-time data reduction and processing to produce GBT images of observer selected regions. The Pipeline will perform a limited set of data reduction techniques to produce a consistently calibrated image of the requested region.

The pipeline goal is to provide the astronomer with a completely calibrated, good quality image of the region of interest with minimum interaction from the observer. This will only work for observations executed in the manner specifically defined for each pipeline use case.

The goal for the output is that it should have all readily available calibrations applied to the data. The calibration should include atmospheric attenuation, elevation dependent gain corrections and the appropriate GBT efficiency calibration. The output units of the images will be in T_B* (Kelvin).

There are two major classes of observations that will be supported:
  • Position switched, where the reference scan will be obtained from observations of specific location(s).
  • Frequency switched, where the reference scan will be observed simultaneously with the mapping observation.

2. Background

3. Requirements

4. Design

5. Hardware IF path Spreadsheet

6. Deployment Checklist

Steps in the deployment checklist.

7. Test Plan

7.1 Internal Testing

The software group must fill out this section This section covers things like unit testing, simulator testing, and any other tests required to make sure this MR is ready for sponsor/integration/regression testing.

7.2 Sponsor Testing

7.3 Integration/Regression Tests

What do the integration/regression testers need to do in order to test this MR. Software Group will add this section


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