KFPA Pipeline Weekly Meeting Agenda

Next meeting Wednesday, June 16 2010 at 1:00pm in GB137 and CV331.


1. Final review of agenda for Jun. 17 pipeline review by GB scientific staff.

  • Potential points of discussion:
    • appropriate default calibration units, inc. discussion of tsky correction
    • supported modes (PS, FS)
    • default mapping pattern
    • documentation

2. Next Meeting and Any Other Business

  • TBD


1. MRs needing sign-off

2. Pipeline document "barrier"

  • We still desperately need a verified implementation-independent document of the pipeline steps. No new features will be added without it, most notably any support for frequency-switched processing. As a reminder, a first attempt at this document resides in the repository (along with .tex source), but it needs to be verified and updated!

3. Scientific staff forum

  • We need a decision on the final date, time and agenda for this meeting, ASAP.

4. Next Meeting and Any Other Business

  • TBD


1. Pivotal Tracker items needing sign-off

2. MRs needing sign-off

3. Pipeline document "barrier"

  • Pipeline enhancements must stop without a better description of the IDL code. Unfortunately, the code has become confusing to the point that further development may be counter-productive. For example, it appears that all smoothing steps (previously seen as critical) are no longer applied. The calculation of Tskys may also be a no-op, despite the additional computation and complexity in the code. All of this needs clarification. This could be best accomplished by an update to the pipeline description document in the repository.

4. Scientific staff forum

  • It is time to consider discussing default calibration parameters with the wider scientific staff.

5. Next meeting date and location

  • June 2, Green Bank 137


1. Review of smoothing in IDL code

  • Glen's IDL code performs several smoothing operations (median, boxcar, Savitzky-Golay). The code resides in two source files (scaleRef.pro and scaleCal.pro which is called from scaleRef.pro). We need to be sure we understand the process. Here is our impression:
    1. Smoothing the difference of reference spectrum integrations (dcCal):
      1. median smoothing applied to remove narrow band RFI
      2. Savitzky-Golay smoothing is further applied to the same spectrum
      3. Savitzky-Golay smoothing with different parameters is further applied to band edges
      4. boxcar smoothing is applied to the spectrum to reduce effects of joining previous two Sav-Gol filters
    2. Smoothed dcCal multiplied by average TCal to convert to units of K/Count
    3. Smoothing the average of reference spectrum integrations (dcRef):
      1. median smoothing applied to average of reference spectrum integrations to remove narrow band RFI
      2. Savitzky-Golay smoothing is further applied to the same spectrum
    4. Smoothed (K/Count) dcCal multiplied by smoothed dcRef
    5. TSky determined
    6. Further Boxcar smoothing of dcRef spectrum minus TSky contribution for units of K T_A
  • Is this correct??

2. Commissioning Updates

  • TKFPA_14 from Apr. 13 summary?

3. Ongoing Issues : Pivotal Tracker

4. Any Other Business?


1. Recent Commissioning Issues

  • Missing high cal Tcal values (and incorrectly set HIGH_CAL column). Does anything need to be done on our end of this issue?
  • Flipping the lower sideband data so that all feeds with same center frequency share the same IF number.
    • ModificationRequest1Q310
      • Needs Sponsor signature (Glen) or feedback if changes are necessary.
      • Amy, can I start work on this before we get CCC approval, which may take as long as a week?
  • Story to support direct channel selection and smoothing in pipeline arguments has been created but not yet started. Priority? http://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/2951415
  • Appropriate velocity arguments for recent test data
  • Any other issues relevant for ongoing commissioning?

2. Ongoing Issues : Pivotal Tracker

3. Any Other Business?

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