Observing modes: Jeff Mangum, chair This group will describe the ways in which the array will be used on the telescope to guide considerations of telescope motion, data rates, and so on.

Footprint: L. Morgan and DJ Pisano, co-chairs This group, working closely with the Observing Modes group, will make a recommendation for the layout of the feeds in the array, and thus their footprint on the sky.

Calibration: R. Maddalena, chair This group will recommend the hardware and software needed to calibrate array observations.

Polarization: T. Minter, chair This group will consider issues in using the array for polarimetry, and will recommend whether it be intrinsically circularly or linearly polarized.

The recommendations of the working groups will be communicated to the Science Advisory Committee, and you will make the final recommendations on these issues, and others that will arise. If you have specific comments please feel free to communicate to the working group chairs. They may even contact you first.
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