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2.1.1 Pixel Cryogenics System – This is a small single-pixel dewar that will be used to test the first prototype pixel on the telescope. It may also be useful as a test dewar for later pixels before integrating them into the array.

2.1.2 Electromagnetic Components (Pixel 1) – This includes development and testing of a compact 18-26 GHz corrugated feedhorn, and if necessary a phase shifter and OMT (though for the moment we assume the existing Wollack OMT will suffice.) It also includes the fabrication or procurement of existing components for a single pixel such as thermal transitions, isolators, and waveguides.

2.1.3 LNAs (Pixel 1) – This includes procurement of the first two LNAs from the CDL's Low-Noise Amplifier Group. These will be identical to the EVLA K-Band amplifiers.

2.1.4 Noise Calibration Module (Pixel 1) – The Noise Calibration Module shall incorporate a coupler and noise source in a single package. The noise source could be a MMIC amplifier chip, a single transistor, a noise diode, or a simple Schottky diode. Cryogenic testing will be necessary to determine which of these components have the appropriate ENR and stability for this application. This task includes development and testing of two units for use in the prototype pixel.

2.1.5 Pixel Frame (Pixel 1) – This is the mechanical structure of the cartridge that supports the other components and provides for heat-sinking, alignment, and easy integration with the dewar.

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