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HPC UsnoDifxOsPatch2ChecklistItemState WARNING! THIS TOPIC IS GENERATED BY System.ChecklistPlugin PLUGIN. DO NOT EDIT THIS TOPIC (except table data)! Back to the checklist topic UsnoDifxOsPatch2. *con... 2024-02-20 - 17:57 - MarkWainright
HPC UsnoDifxPatchers2 Normal Patch Rotation * Adriana * Abi * Mark * Thomas Last patched by: Mark Last patched date: February 20, 2024 Comments: 2024-02-20 - 11:43 - MarkWainright
HPC UsnoDifxRADIUS2 RADIUS Service RADIUS is an authentication service often supported by simpler devices such as switches. The servers run a systemd service named radiusd that the ... 2024-02-05 - 16:39 - MarkWainright
HPC UsnoDifxInfinibandSoftwareInfo2 Mellanox (Infiniband) Switch Software information * Collected 1/30/2024 by Mark Wainright data m6036 1 standalone: master show version Product name: M... 2024-01-30 - 13:15 - AdrianaEscobar
HPC DetailedSCAPInsructions SCAP Instructions This document explains how to install and configure the SCAP tool. It briefly describes how to run a scan and how to analyze results. Get new t... 2024-01-24 - 15:09 - AdrianaEscobar
HPC UsnoDifxSMTP2 Mail Service Overview Since the correlator is effectively a compute device, very little email service is required. The only exception is that the system administ... 2023-12-19 - 16:35 - MarkWainright
HPC UsnoMegaRAID2 LSI MegaRAID Install The MegaRAID software installs /usr/local but we actually want it in /opt/services. So we make a symlink. $ To install the software, be ... 2023-12-06 - 15:43 - MarkWainright
HPC UsnoDifxInstallation Installing DiFX Quick help To get usage instructions: difxbuild h To get in line documentation printed to your terminal: difxbuild d Introduction This DiFX in... 2023-08-15 - 16:05 - MarkWainright
HPC UsnoDifxFringe2 Fringing Host (test cluster only) Overview In addition to the normal correlation work, some other analytical work is done. At the USNO, they have two fringing... 2022-07-20 - 16:11 - MarkWainright
HPC USNODifxCorrelator USNO Correlator Documentation Wiki This Wiki section serves as the primary documentation for the NRAO project to provide a DifX correlator to USNO. It is intentio... 2024-02-07 - 13:03 - ThomasColeman

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