USNO Maintenance Log 2

This log page allows significant maintenance/administration events to be logged for future use. The goal is to record information that might be useful in the future when problems arise on the clusters and also record the steps needed to address that problem. Entries are made with the most recent ones on top. The table can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

DateSorted descending System Who Status Title Description
Date System Who Status Title Description
2021-02-01 dc jjacobs info SWCs restarted Restarted swc-{008,053,060}. Possibly security scan nuked them?
2020-12-21 swc-062 jjacobs info Node restarted Looking at the system logs on server-1, swc-062 stopped communicating at 1753 EST on 12/20. It could still be pinged via the IB link but I was unable to ssh into it. Powercycled it and it came up and is apparently happy.
2020-12-18 swc-054 jjacobs info swc-054 down The node stopped communicatings at 12/17 8:30. Attempted reboot via PDU and a second time with > 1min between off and on. No joy. Notified Phillip who will jiggle the cables next week.
2020-01-23 All jjacobs Complete Sample This is a sample maintenance log entry.

-- JimJacobs - 2020-01-23
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