MDS Tunables

OSS Tunables

Read Cache filesize: Consider reducing the maximum filesize for read cache. Since Lustre is mostly supplying raw CASA data there will never be a cache hit. By limiting the maximum filesize to cache there's a good chance smaller tables will be cached and raw visibilities won't force it out. On each OSS issue the following command to limit the size of files to be cached to 6MB.
lctl set_param obdfilter.*.readcache_max_filesize=6M

Ensure read ahead is set
edit /etc/rc.local
blockdev --setra 8192 /dev/sdb
blockdev --setra 8192 /dev/sdc
blockdev --setra 8192 /dev/sdd
blockdev --setra 8192 /dev/sde

Client Tunables

-- JamesRobnett - 2011-08-02

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