Current Issues

Status Task Priority Assignee Ticket Number Note
IO Shape and Size
ALERT! Number of Open Files 1 JJ    
ALERT! Temp Lattice 1 KG, JR    
ALERT! Audit of Behavior 2 JR    
  Asynch IO 2 JJ, JG, SC    
NEW Test Compressed Storage Manager 1 KG, JR    
NEW Virtual concatenation of image cubes   JJ, GvD    
Processing Efficiency
  Retiling for specific applications 2 KG, JR   Investigation Phase
  Memory Utilization during Imaging 3 SB, UR    
Delivering Parallel Functionality
ALERT! Visibility Manipulation 1 JG, SC CAS-4754  
ALERT! Parallel Filler 1 MC CAS-5163  
ALERT! Imaging: Identical to serial 1 UR, KG    
  Imaging: Expose threads and engines 1 KG    
NEW Imaging: Number of grid sections >> number of cores 2 KG CAS-5281
  Imaging: Automated heuristics 3    
  Pipeline Integration 1 SW, JG, SC   Starting in July
DONE MMS and SelfCal 1 KG CAS-3584 Model in Source Table
Testing and Benchmarking
  Regression Testing 2 ?    
  Hardware Documentation 2 JR    
  Compiler Testing 3      
  Profiling 3      
Longer Term / Large Effort
  Interprocess Communication      
Research Areas
  Fine Grained Parallelization        
  ASP Clean        
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