3ware Install and Configure

Some of these steps may be specific to the NRAO.

Setup System

  • Add a fixed address for aoc-oss-X in the 10.64.1.XXX range. Use next available low order address.
  • If the machine was purchased by someone else make a CNAME. e.g. cfa-oss-1, caltech-oss-1.
  • Add dhcp entry with a fixed address line.
  • Remove existing raid volumes from within 3ware interface (alt-3) at boot time. There are multiple controllers remove from all.
  • Install RHEL5.7 64bit release, use the existing aoc-oss-1 kickstart as a template.
    • Should result in OS disk with / root directory, swap and rest in /export/home/`hostname`
  • [ ! -d /export/home/`hostname`/services ] && mkdir -p /export/home/`hostname`/services
  • ln -s /export/home/`hostname`/services /opt/services

Install RAID Software

Download the 3DM2 CLI Linux non-java installer (3ware9650SE-8LPML) from http://www.lsi.com/

Make an install area
mkdir -p /tmp/root
cd /tmp/root

Open tarball (NRAO keeps a local copy)
tar xfvz /home/src/3dm2/3dm2-CLI-non-java-linux-9.5.3.tgz

Run the installer
./install.sh -i -fN0

Install in /opt/services
mv /opt/3ware /opt/services/3ware
rm -f /usr/sbin/3dm2 && ln -s  /opt/services/3ware/3DM2/3dm2 /usr/sbin/3dm2
sed -i -e 's|/opt/3ware|/opt/services/3ware|g' /etc/3dm2/3dm2.conf

Configure (NRAO/AOC specific)
sed -ie 's/^Port 888/Port 443/' /etc/3dm2/3dm2.conf
sed -ie 's/^EmailEnable .*$/EmailEnable 1/' /etc/3dm2/3dm2.conf
sed -ie 's/^EmailSender .*$/EmailSender root@aoc.nrao.edu/' /etc/3dm2/3dm2.conf
sed -ie 's/^EmailServer .*$/EmailServer smtp.aoc.nrao.edu/' /etc/3dm2/3dm2.conf
sed -ie 's/^EmailRecipient .*$/EmailRecipient req-dist@aoc.nrao.edu/' /etc/3dm2/3dm2.conf
/etc/init.d/tdm2 restart

Build Arrays

Point a web browser to https://hostname/
Login Administrator

For each controller Select Management -> Controller Settings
Set Rebuild/Migrate and Verify to Fastest I/O
Set auto-carving to disabled (Enabling will result in 2TB LUNS and usable disk loss)

For each controller Select Management -> Maintenance
Select all 6 drives and click Create Unit
Set Type to RAID 6
Set Stripe to 64KB
Ensure WriteCache, AutoVerify and Queueing are checked
Set StorSave to Performance
Click OK
You may be prompted about battery backup and StorSave policy. Please click OK to continue.

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