Test Observation Submission/Tracking

Joan Wrobel & Michael Rupen

  • Discuss the desired observations at the 1330 Monday Commissioning meeting.
  • Send schedsoc@nrao.edu a brief summary of the test's goal(s) and required hours.
  • Joan will
    • Assign a project code for the test.
    • Create the project in the production or webtest OPT.
    • Tell you the project code and which OPT version to use.
  • Use the OPT to find the project, then create and "submit" SBs for the test.
    • For an OSRO test, choose an OSRO mode from the NRAO list.
    • For a RSRO test, choose a "dummy" OSRO mode from the NRAO list. With guidance from you, Michael will hand-edit the resulting script to set up the correlator correctly.
  • Michael & Joan will coordinate the observation of the SBs. We will try to give you a heads-up about when your SBs will be observed.

Default (Center) Frequencies

Mark Claussen

BandSorted ascending A/C IF B/D IF Notes
C 4996.0 5024.0  
K 22396.0 22524.0  
Ka 33496.0 33624.0  
L 1350.0 1820.0  
L1 1308.0 1436.0 imaging at 22 cm
L2 1820.0 1948.0 imaging at 16 cm
L3 1308.0 1820.0 widest spread
Q 43216.0 43344.0  
S 3084.0 3212.0  
X 8396.0 8524.0  

-- JoanWrobel - 17 Mar 2010

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