TelCal Rollback Instructions

Keith Cummings


  1. Install the desired version.
    • Prod: /home/mc2host/evla/telcal/prod/ prod
    • Test: /home/mctest/evla/telcal/test/ test

  1. Restart TelCal
    • Prod: ssh to mc2host then run "/etc/init.d/widar-telcal restart" as root or using sudo. * Test: ssh to mctest then run "/etc/init.d/widar-telcal restart" as root or using sudo.

Note: mc2host will soon be replaced by mchammer. When this happens substitute mchammer for mc2host above.


Rollback to a previous version of TelCal is completed as follows:

  1. Copy the old jar file into the telcal production lib directory
    • cd /home/asg/www-internal/maven/m2-repo/nrao/evla-telcal/
    • ls
    • From this listing, select the version you wish to return to (e.g. 1.5.18).
    • cd into the selected version's directory (e.g. "cd 1.5.18")
    • cp evla-telcal--jar-with-dependencies.jar /home/mc2host/evla/telcal/prod/main/lib/

  1. Update the TelCal execution script
    • cd home/mc2host/evla/telcal/prod/main/
    • edit and update the path to the jar file with the new file name (evla-telcal--jar-with-dependencies.jar)

  1. Restart TelCal
    • If TelCal is currently running:
      • ssh mc2host
      • Use the ps command to find the currently running TelCal process.
      • Kill that process using the kill command.
      • cd home/mc2host/evla/telcal/prod/main/
      • nohup ./ &

-- JosephMcMullin - 21 Jul 2010
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