TelCal Pre-Release Testing

Keith Cummings

TelCal tests by saving SDMs of interest and running them off-line.

  1. Save a SDM of interest to my local file system. (Either by extracting from the archive or getting the SDM and BDFs from their temp directories if the SDM is new enough.)
  2. Execute /home/mctest/evla/telcal/test/standAlone/

This process allows for repeatable tests with expected results. Changes are thus unit tested in this way to ensure only desired changes are taking effect.

The StandAlone version of TelCal emulates the sending of SdmInfo messages from MCAF to TelCal by replaying the SdmInfoMessages.tmp file found in the temp SDM from MCAF. If the SDM was obtained from the archive this tmp file doesn't exist so the messages are instead reconstructed from by looking up the needed data in the SDM. The fly in this ointment is that the state field of the SdmInfo message is not stored in the SDM (or anywhere else other than the tmp file). So state is not available unless I grab up the temp SDM quickly enough (a day or two) from MCAF. This fly will buzz off when state is no longer needed, which is the direction we are going. It is already not needed for Pointing and will not be needed for Focus as soon as a Focus table is defined by Michael and implemented by Rich.

-- JosephMcMullin - 21 Jul 2010
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