This page is to track EVLA and WIDAR software versions

Date Category Version Name Remarks More Detail
01/01/08 Archive ngamsServer v3.2ALMA JB NGAS Server EmailJB23NOV09
03/11/09 Archive ngamsCClient v4.0ALMA JB NGAS Clinet (C and PY) EmailJB23NOV09
08/19/09 TelCal evla-telcal-1.0.0 KC Initial release. Basic antsol function. EmailKC09NOV09
09/03/09 Archive e2eftp.cgi 2.5.11 JB e2eftp.cgi EmailJB16NOV09
10/09/09 TelCal evla-telcal-1.1.0 KC Fully-function antsol release based on SdmInfo message passing. EmailKC09NOV09
10/15/09 TelCal evla-telcal-1.1.1 KC Updated dependencies (commons and sdm projects) and other minor changes. EmailKC09NOV09
10/16/09 TelCal evla-telcal-1.1.2 KC Minor updates to the AntsolDbListener (which logs all antsol solutions to text files). EmailKC09NOV09
10/28/09 MCAF 1.0.2 RM Production version EmailRM09NOV09
10/28/09 TelCal evla-telcal-1.1.3 KC Updated hints and accuracy calculations in antsol. Now logging antsol performance. EmailKC09NOV09
10/29/09 Archive : 1.3.1 JB EmailJB16NOV09
10/30/09 Archive servlet 5.6.24 JB Archive servlet EmailJB09NOV09
11/04/09 DATA   MR WICloop.55138.9268534838, WICloop_000.55138.949816099535 EmailMR11NOV09 EmailEM11NOV09
11/04/09 DATA   MR WICloop.55139.93608097222 EmailMR12NOV09
11/04/09 H/W   KS Kerry removes Raltron PLLs from StB in Rack 6, and adds 6 more Raltron-free StBs (without deformatters) to that rack.  
11/04/09 Executor 1.8.7 RM Production version EmailRM09NOV09
11/06/09 H/W   KS Kerry removes Raltron PLLs from StB in Racks 5 & 7. s005-t-0 provides the primary clock for the BlB's lower RXP. EmailKS06NOV09
11/09/09 DATA   MR 1GHz L-band 3C345 /home/casa-dev-11/mrupen/WIDAR0/ L_baseband_008.55142.00862739583* EmailMR09NOV09
11/09/09 CBE wcbe-20091029.0 MP Other available versions: wcbe-20091019.0 wcbe-20091015.0 wcbe-20091013.1 wcbe-20090728.1 EmailMP09NOV09
11/09/09 TelCal evla-telcal-1.1.4 KC Fixed the shape of antsol hints (polarization dimension). Updated AntsolDbLoader text format. EmailKC09NOV09
11/12/09 CPCC ?? KR infrastructure for full CPCC implementation EmailKR13NOV09
11/12/09 Archive archive servlet : 5.6.25 JB data quality column, fix VO Tbl EmailJB16NOV09
11/13/09 CBE wcbe-20091113.0 MP Major change: get scan and subscan numbers from Observation documents sent by the Executor. EmailMP13NOV09 EmailMP18NOV09
11/13/09 MCAF 1.0.3 RM Tsys data to SysCal; Single channel spectral window rows; numAssocValues, assocNature, and assocSpectralWindowId; Using scan, subscan and datasetID from Executor Observation document EmailRM13NOV09
11/13/09 TelCal evla-telcal-1.1.5 KC evla-commons dependency to 1.4.7-SNAPSHOT; Migrated from subarrayId to datasetID; lockfile permissions and bad data check on TelcalStandAlone; ++ EmailKC13NOV09
11/14/09 Other   KS sideband flippers newly configured, now all the same (but still rotated) EmailKS14NOV09 EmailRP15NOV09
11/16/09 Archive e2eftp.cgi : 2.5.13 JB supports remote host for casa EmailJB16NOV09
11/16/09 Archive : 1.3.3 JB supports remote host for casa EmailJB16NOV09
11/16/09 Archive sdm/bdf ingest : 1.0.0 JB direct bdf transfer to ngas EmailJB23NOV09
11/17/09 Archive archive_socketserver JB casa remote host, fixed bug EmailJB23NOV09
11/17/09 Operators 1.5.9 RM control points acu.park, acu.stow, acu.point, acu.standby, acu.disdrvmtrel, acu.disdrvmtrel2, acu.disdrvmtraz1, acu.disdrvmtraz2, acu.resetmotorfaults, acu.elfirstlimitovd, and acu.azfirstlimitovd; New park, parking, stow, and stowing icons; Using latest evla-commons package. EmailRM17NOV09
11/18/09 Other   VD fixed the incorrect application of PHASERR EmailVD18NOV09
11/18/09 Other   DF StB binaries which will have Timing FPGA version 12B9 EmailDF24NOV09 EmailDF01DEC09
11/19/09 Archive   JB new casapy-test broke importasdm EmailJB19NOV09
11/19/09 Archive archive servlet 5.6.26 JB secure area for files > 2.2GB EmailJB23NOV09
11/19/09 H/W   VD L305 was swapped out on ant 1, phases stable EmailVD24NOV09
11/20/09 CMIB ?? BR changes in timing, TIC table, timecode, filter, configuration, RXP EmailBR20NOV09
11/20/09 MCAF 1.0.4 RM pass the 'state' value from the Executor to TelCal via the SdmInfo message; Fixed the negative 'dataSize' issue. Changed the data type of 'dataSize' in the BdfInfo and SdmInfo schemas from int to long; Using a new version of evla-commons (v1.4.7) which contains the modified schemas. EmailRM20NOV09
11/24/09 Archive : 1.3.4 JB supports spect/time avg, casa.split EmailJB23NOV09
11/24/09 Archive : 1.3.4 JB supports spect/time avg, casa.split EmailJB30NOV09
11/24/09 Archive e2eftp.cgi : 2.5.14 JB supports spect/time avg, casa.split EmailJB30NOV09
11/24/09 CBE   SR upgrade to three cbe machines (cbe-node-01, cbe-node-02 and cbe-control) EmailMR24NOV09
11/24/09 H/W   KS Removed the Raltrons from all 8 Station boards in S001 EmailKS24NOV09
11/24/09 Other delay models HBF the latest models.c for the delay models EmailHBF24NOV09
11/30/09 H/W   KS all Raltrons removed EmailKS30NOV09
12/04/09 Executor   BC delay/autophasing; OTF mosaicing EmailBC04DEC09
12/04/09 Archive ngamsServer v3.2ALMA JB NGAS Server, aocngas-4, cv-evla-ngas-4 EmailJB07DEC09
12/04/09 Archive ngamsCClient v4.0ALMA JB NGAS Client, aocngas-4, cv-evla-ngas-4 EmailJB07DEC09
12/07/09 Archive e2eftp.cgi : 2.5.16 JB fix minor bugs EmailJB07DEC09
12/07/09 TelCal evla-telcal-1.2.0 KC long list, check link to email EmailKC07DEC09
12/07/09 CBE Tag: 20091207.0 MP Enhanced logging of frame errors, and periodic input frame rate logging. EmailMP07DEC09
12/07/09 CMIB ?? BR RXP startup will not route inputs with time synch errors by default. EmailBR07DEC09
12/07/09 Archive e2eftp.cgi : 2.5.18 JB fix minor bugs EmailJB15DEC09
12/08/09 MCAF 1.0.5 RM changes to: subarray antennas, SDM names, PointingModel, SDM jar file use, messaging, bugfix EmailRM08DEC09
12/10/09 Archive archive servlet 5.6.29 JB tidy up appearance EmailJB15DEC09
12/15/09 TelCal evla-telcal-1.4.0 KC Updated evla-commons dependency; Fixed skyFreq calculation in Antsol; Changed the ra and dec lookup; Removed AntsolDbLoader from install script; Initial creation of the delay file; Updated TelCalStandAlone; Initial creation of the Global Pointing Model (Peek) file; Updated time format in PointingDetails and Delay files EmailKC15DEC09
12/18/09 CBE Tag: 20091218.0 MP Improved notion of time in CBE; implementation of a pipeline element that unifies frame flags in a lag set EmailMP18DEC09
12/21/09 Executor v1.8.8 RM Production version EmailRM11JAN10
12/23/09 Archive ingestSDMBDFintoNGAS 1.0.1 JB direct files to aocngas-4 EmailJB29DEC09
12/23/09 Archive autoingestSDMBDFintoArchive 1.0.5 JB faster polling EmailJB29DEC09
12/23/09 Archive archive_socketserver JB casa remote host : cv-evla-ngas-4 EmailJB29DEC09
12/23/09 Archive archive_socketclient JB casa remote host : cv-evla-ngas-4 EmailJB29DEC09
12/31/09 Archive : 1.3.7 JB able to deliver sdm.xml files only EmailJB04JAN10
01/02/10 Archive archive servlet : 5.6.31 JB DQ link fix EmailJB04JAN10
01/08/10 Archive : 1.3.8 JB uses /usr/bin/casapy-test EmailJB11JAN10
01/09/10 Archive archive_socketserver JB casa remote host : EmailJB11JAN10
01/09/10 Archive archive_socketclient JB casa remote host : EmailJB11JAN10
01/05/10 MCAF v1.0.6 RM ? EmailRM11JAN10
01/06/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.4.1 KC many changes, see email EmailKC06JAN10
01/11/10 CBE 20100111.0 MP Implemented MPI collective writes for improved parallel (BDF) file writing performance. EmailMP11JAN10
01/11/10 Archive archive_socketserver JB casa remote host : EmailJB01FEB10
01/11/10 Archive archive_socketclient JB casa remote host : EmailJB01FEB10
01/12/10 Archive autoingestBDFintoArchive JB polls cbe area /home/lustre-widar EmailJB01FEB10
01/12/10 Archive copyBDFtoStage JB polls cbe area /home/lustre-widar EmailJB01FEB10
01/12/010 TelCal evla-telcal-1.4.2 KC Setup flags passing interface for antsol. Using Flags in antsol. Fixed bug that was creating a new file when the day changed even if the flag was set otherwise. EmailKC12JAN10
01/14/10 Other   SR upgrading the kernels on all the rhel5 Linux machines at the VLA (mchost, cbe-control, lando, etc) EmailSR12JAN10
01/18/10 Archive : 1.3.9 JB catch and log more errors, exit EmailJB01FEB10
01/20/10 Archive SDMCataloger : 1.2.23 JB fixed proprietary time bug EmailJB01FEB10
01/28/10 Executor 1.8.9 RM Production version EmailRM01FEB10
02/01/10 Archive archive servlet 5.6.37 JB fixed thread interrupt bugs EmailJB01FEB10
02/01/10 Archive autoingestBDFintoArchive JB round-robin bdf's to four archive streams EmailJB01FEB10
02/01/10 Archive autoingestSDMBDFintoArchive JB round-robin sdm's to four archive streams EmailJB01FEB10
02/04/10 Archive archive servlet 5.6.39 JB more small thread changes, minor fixes EmailJB16FEB10
02/04/10 Archive e2eftp.cgi 2.5.21 JB supports create MS with all ASDM tables included EmailJB16FEB10
02/04/10 Archive 1.3.11 JB supports create MS with all ASDM tables included EmailJB16FEB10
02/04/10 Archive 1.3.11 JB supports create MS with all ASDM tables included EmailJB16FEB10
02/05/10 MCAF 1.0.7 RM Production version EmailRM08Feb10
02/05/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.0 KC Refactored creation of ReadRandom; Updated Weather; Removed trig functions from ptgsol.; Updated evla-commons dependency to 1.5.1-SNAPSHOT. ; send alerts for no focus and delay solutions; reference antenna to be ea24 EmailKC08JAN10
02/08/10 DATA   MR WICloopCtr_001.55236.00132274305 EmailMR09FEB10
02/08/10 Archive e2eftp.cgi 2.5.22 JB exports for getSDMFileSet direct Oracle connection EmailJB16FEB10
02/08/10 Archive 1.4.1 JB direct Oracle connection, cx_Oracle EmailJB16FEB10
02/09/10 Archive ingestSDMBDFintoNGAS JB moved deployment from evlangas-1 to aocngas-4 EmailJB16FEB10
02/10/10 Archive archive servlet 5.6.40 JB added Historical VLA to download page EmailJB16FEB10
02/12/10 Other   MR Executor -> Config Mapper -> StB/XBB/BlB works! EmailMR12FEB10
02/15/10 Archive JB redeploy on host acorn EmailJB22FEB10
02/16/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.1 KC long list, see email EmailKC16FEB10
02/18/10 Other   BC widar-schema-test.jar to point to version 3.5.2 EmailBC18FEB10
02/18/10 Archive 1.4.4 JB catch casa error msgs EmailJB22FEB10
02/18/10 Archive e2eftp.cgi 2.5.25 JB modify email message for evla EmailJB22FEB10
02/19/10 Archive 1.0.0 JB catch casa error msgs EmailJB22FEB10
02/19/10 Archive 1.0.0 JB catch casa error msgs EmailJB22FEB10
02/22/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.2 KC long list, see email EmailKC22FEB10
02/25/10 Operators 1.6.0 RM long list, see email EmailRM25FEB10
03/01/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.3 KC BDF files can be deleted; pointing radians to arcmin conversion; translation to new band names; Fixed SdmMessageProcessor.getArraySpecificPad EmailKC01MAR10
03/04/10 Executor 2.0.1 RM right address and protocol for CM; Relaxed the lower L301 restriction for L and S bands; latest version of the widar schema jar file EmailRM04MAR10
03/09/10 CBE 20100309.0 MP many, read email EmailMP09MAR10
03/09/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.4 KC long list, see email EmailKC09MAR10
03/12/10 CBE 20100312.0 MP BDF files are now copied (hard-linked) to a set of sub-directories; fixed the image rotation problem (again) EmailMP12MAR10
03/15/10 Executor 2.0.2 RM ? EmailRM15MAR10
03/15/10 MCAF 1.2.2 RM ? EmailRM15MAR10
03/15/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.5 KC see list EmailKC15MAR10
03/22/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.6 KC see list EmailKC22MAR10
03/22/10 CBE 20100319.0 MP see email EmailMP22MAR10
03/26/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.7 KC see list EmailKC26MAR10
03/29/10 CBE 20100329.0 MP see list EmailMP29MAR10
03/30/10 Executor 2.0.4 RM 1) Feed a osculating orbit description to CALC. 2) Change port number for vciMapper. 3) Dele one more minor VLA leftover; 4) Make getEopset() static public. EmailRM30MAR10
04/05/10 CBE 20100405.0 MP Use port 8081 to send messages to Configuration Mapper. EmailMP05APR10
04/08/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.8 KC see list EmailKC08APR10
04/19/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.9 KC see list EmailKC19APR10
04/20/10 Executor 2.0.5 RM 1) Infrastructure for revised autophasing. 2) Switch to 20 Hz heartbeat. 3) Send SubArray multicast for change in antenna complement of subarray. EmailRM20APR10
04/20/10 CBE 20100420.0 MP see list EmailMP20APR10
04/27/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.10 KC see list EmailKC27APR10
04/30/10 CBE 20100430.0 MP see list EmailMP03MAY10
05/04/10 CBE 20100504.0 MP see list EmailMP04MAY10
05/11/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.11 KC see list EmailKC11MAY10
05/20/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.12 KC see list EmailKC20MAY10
05/24/10 CBE 20100521.0 MP see list EmailMP24MAY10
05/27/10 Operators 1.6.1 RM see email EmailRM27MAY10
05/27/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.13 KC see list EmailKC27MAY10
06/16/10 TelCal evla-telcal-1.5.14 KC see list EmailKC16JUN10
04/20/10 Executor 2.1.2 RM bug fix EmailRM17JUN10
06/25/10 Operators 1.6.2 RM see email EmailRM25JUN10

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