Resident Shared Risk Observer Guide


The RSRO program offers participants early access to the growing capabilities of the EVLA as it is being commissioned, in exchange for a period of residence in Socorro to assist with the commissioning. The full description of the program and the timeline for observing facilities is at:


  • Plan to give a science lunch talk soon after arrival to outline the details of your accepted RSRO proposal to inform the scientific staff of the goals and methods.
  • Attend relevant meetings to keep in touch with the status of the commissioning and in particular the readiness for execution of your proposal.
  • After arrival, you will go through a brief orientation that includes the current commissioning needs and areas for your involvement (McMullin) and get partnered with a commissioning scientist for support work. We are using JIRA for tracking of both the commissioning activities and the RSRO proposal status; you should have a JIRA login and password (confirm that this is working). You will use this for communicating activities on the proposal to your team as well as contributing to the relevant commissioning activities.
  • In addition, as data is made available, testing of the operational end-to-end processing of these data sets is a critical background activity. Review the list of area contacts/documentation for initiating work in these areas.

Meetings while in residence at the DSOC

  • Tuesday (Weekly: 1000 MST): Commissioning and Science Verification Review and Planning (McMullin: AOC 317)
  • Thursday (Monthly: 0900 MST): Test Meeting (Perley: AOC 317)

Area Contacts/Documentation

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