Scheduling/Rapid Response Observing


Description: Develop scheduling heuristics to optimize science observing; develop user guidelines for scheduling constraints; develop user-level documentation to elaborate the scheduling process for different types of observing (low-high frequency, target of opportunity, exploratory, monitoring, etc); drive development of user-level tools to enable flexible observing/scheduling strategies.


  • Leader: Frail
  • Primary Participants: Claussen, Goss, Sjouwerman, Wrobel
  • Secondary Participants: Carilli, Dhawan, McMullin, Momjian, Perley, Owen
  • RSRO Participants: Lazio, Leroy, Miller-Jones, van Gorkom

Coarse Commissioning Plan & Status

Note: All scheduling tickets in JIRA may be found by doing a quick search on 'Scheduling'; you can also go under 'Issues'->'Search for issues', select on Project: EVLA Commissioning and Science Verification and Components: Scheduling.

Target Responsible Quarter Status
xx - Scheduling documents (Parent) Frail 2011-Q1 warning
- xx Scheduling commissioning plan Frail 2010-Q4 warning
- xx Scheduling observer recommendations documentation Frail 2011-Q2 warning
xx - Scheduling Heuristics (Parent) Frail 2011-Q4 warning
- xx OST Deployment Frail 2010-Q4 choice-yes
- 17 Target of Opportunity Frail 2011-Q4 warning
- 110 Comparison of scheduling heuristics strategies Frail 2011-Q4 warning
- 156 Review C configuration scheduling results; derive statistics on different priority science Zauderer 2011-Q2 warning
163 - Low Frequency Heuristics (coordinated with Low Frequency group) Frail/Momjian 2011-Q4 warning
- 164 Track OPT developments for low frequency sun avoidance Frail 2011-Q2 warning
- 165 Evaluate summer weather criteria for discriminating L-, S-, C- conditions Frail 2011-Q3 no
xx - Mid Frequency Heuristics (coordinated with Mid Frequency group) Frail/Dhawan 2011-Q4 warning
166 - High Frequency Heuristics (coordinated with High Frequency group) Frail/Claussen 2011-Q4 warning

Meeting Minutes

Transient Pipeline Development

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