RSRO D Configuration Status

Project Band(s) Test Code Test Status Allocation Status (D) Notes JIRA
AA330 Q TRSR0003 - 0/51 Not started RSRO-1
AB1345 L TRSR0004 21May10 23/40 Partial; adequate for D RSRO-2
AB1346 K TRSR0005
23Jun10 39/40 2 hour makeup pending for DnC RSRO-3
AC982 CKKaQ TRSR0002 28Jul10 30/30 Complete RSRO-4
AH1006 LCXKa TRSR0006 - 30/36 Partial RSRO-5
AK726 Ka TRSR0007 - 29.5/29.5 Complete RSRO-6
AL746 CKa TRSR0008 05Jul10 11/11 Complete RSRO-7
AM1014 C TRSR0009 22Jun10 0/0 C config RSRO-9
AS1015 C TRSR0010 21May10 4/4 Complete RSRO-11
AT374 C TRSR0011 25Jul10 0/0 C config RSRO-12
AV318 L TRSR0012 - 12/12 Complete; PI converted to OSRO RSRO-13
AW775 L TRSR0017 05Jul10 56/72 Partial -
AM1005 KKaQ TRSR0014 - 3/20 Partial (carry to C config) -
AM1038 Q TRSR0019 21May10 10/10 Complete -
AM1040 Ka TRSR0019 21May10 10/10 Complete -
AC992 L TRSR0018 26Jun10 4/4 Complete -
AO255 Ka TRSR0016 - 36/40 Complete -
AM1018 Ka TRSR0015 - 0/48 Needs test for DnC -
AB1353 Ka TRSR0013 - 0/51 Moved to C config -

-- JosephMcMullin - 20 Sep 2010
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