RSRO Observing Preparation Guidelines

Updated 02 Dec 2010: aim at general RSRO rather than just high frequencies.
Updated 03 Apr 2010: remove need for bracketing dummy scans around band/config changes.

NOTE: In call cases, review and follow the notes for 'standard' observing at: and review the list of known issues posted at:

RSRO without referenced pointing

  • No RSRO/Extended OSRO scan should be longer than 90 x Tint seconds.

  • You should by preference use an "extended OSRO" instrumental setup in the ObsPrep Tool for your RSRO setup, if you want 512 or 1024 MHz per pol'n and are happy with 2 MHz channels. If either of these are not true you could try an "expert RSRO" setup, or just send e-mail to saying what you want. In either case it would be wise to specify what you want very explicitly in the Comments section in the SB header page of the ObsPrep Tool.

RSRO with referenced pointing

These recommendations are aimed at observations involving referenced pointing.

  • Follow all the guidelines for RSRO without RefPtg, as given above.

  • RefPtg should be done using C or X band, OSRO1 setup (2 x 128 MHz), centered on the default frequencies to avoid RFI (e.g., 4896/5024 MHz).
    • Please ensure at least 140 seconds "on-source" time for each RefPtg scan.

For the moment we will be checking every schedule by hand before observing.

Note that the operations staff (currently Ken, Joe, Joan, Michael) should use the currently tested version of the CBE for all RSRO (wideband) observations.

An outline of a wideband high-frequency file might look as follows:
 Scan    1: OSRO1 dummy           1 min  (attenuator setting + time for correlator setup)
 Scan    2: OSRO1 C band RefPtg   9 mins  (to allow time to get on source
                                             and then do ref.ptg.)

 Scan    3: RSRO  Q band dummy    1 min   (attenuator setting + post-RefPtg
                                             lost scan)
 Scan loop: RSRO Q band PhCal+Src+PhCal N x (90 sec x Tint)  (90 sec x Tint is the maximum RSRO scan length)
 Scan N+ 4: OSRO1 C band RefPtg   3 min   (140sec+slew+slop)

 Scan loop: RSRO Q band PhCal+Src+PhCal N2 x (90 sec x Tint) (90 sec x Tint is the maximum RSRO scan length)

 Scan loop: RSRO Q band FluxCal   3 x 90 sec (90sec x Tint max RSRO scan length

Spectral line Setups

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