MCAF Release Notes

1.44 03Aug2011

  • Point to: to view lates version. (Deployed Aug 03, 2011 10:07:14 MDT)
  • Changes:
    • 1. Support for holography observing
      • - Read "HolographyReferenceAntennas" parameter from Observation document
      • - Write offsets to the Pointing.xml file

    • 2. Support for reference pointing

    • 3. Use new SDM library jar file (evla-sdm-1.2.7.jar)
      • - Fixed the "too many files open" issue
      • - Fixed uniqueness comparison problem in the CalDataTableProxy class

    • 4. Use new commons library jar file (evla-commons-1.6.4.jar)

1.4.2 25Apr2011

(Deployed Apr 25, 2011 12:00:17 MDT)

1.4.1 21Mar2011

(Deployed Mar 21 13:05:19 MDT 2011)
  • Tag for this release:
  • Changes:
    • 1. Get sideband information from the Observation document rather than the VCI document.
    • 2. Use configId (rather than activationId) from the Observation and VCI documents.
    • 3. Use current jar files for evla-commons (v1.6.2), nrao-commons (v1.0.0), and widar-schema (v3.9.0).

1.4.0 28Feb2011

1.3.7 13Dec2010

  • Tag(s) for this release:
  • Changes:
    • (Note: The definition of ArrayTimeInterval is still defined as midpoint/interval for this release.)
    • 1. Modified how MCAF copies SDMs to the staging area. The previous copy method would occasionally get into a situation where the archiver was processing the SDM before MCAF had finished copying it. This resulted in a partial SDM marked as ".bad" by the archiver. In the new copying scheme, MCAF will copy the SDM to the staging area with a "." prepended to the directory name and then rename the directory to its normal name once the copy process has completed. The archiver will ignore any directories starting with ".".
    • 2. The timeIntervals for all rows in the Feed and Source tables are now modified at the end of the observation to use the observation end time. The previous version of MCAF generated the timeInterval using the start time and an arbitrary 7 day interval, which has been found to be incompatible with the next version of the filler.
    • 3. Writing the station board switched power data (XML) to the system logs if an error occurs while processing the data.
    • 4. Disabled the writing of SysPowerDebug.tmp; a file used to hold switched power debug info. The generated files were often very large, and though the data contained in the files are very useful, it would be better to collect and generate this information outside of MCAF.
    • 5. Using the latest version of evla-commons, v1.6.0. The changes to this library should not affect MCAF. smile

1.3.6 03Nov2010

  • Tags for this release:
  • Changes:
    • 1. Simplified the method of mapping switched power data to a spectral window row.
    • 2. Set "bad" or nonexistent Tcals to default value. (if tcal <= 0.0 then tcal = 1.0)
    • 3. Corrected the frequency used to interpolate the Tcal values for each subband.
    • 4. Removed leading/trailing blank spaces from source names. (Frazer problem)
    • 5. Write file SysPowerDebug.tmp to help debug switched power issues.
    • 6. New jar file: evla-commons-1.5.8.jar
      • Changes to CalSpectrum: * Fixed problem resulting in tcals returned for antenna w/out receiver. * DB query modified to handle tcals measured on different days.

1.3.5 14Oct2010

1.3.4 16Sep2010

  • Tag for this release:
  • Changes:
    • 1. Writing switched power data to the SysPower table.
    • 2. Writing tcal data to the CalDevice table.
      • - Only RCP for now until change is made to CalDevice/noiseCal field.
    • 3. Using new SDM jar file: evla-sdm-1.1.8.jar
      • - Contains the new EVLA baseband and scanIntent enumerations.
    • 4. Using new commons jar file: evla-commons-1.5.6.jar
      • - Contains new CalSpectrum class to extract tcal data from DB.

1.3.3 17Aug2010

Tag for this release:

  1. Fixed NullPointerException caused by mishandling of state variable in Observation document.
  2. Close rss file when MCAF is shut down
  3. Switched Power: (enabled for test, not production)
    • Using new MCCC stn board server URL 'http://mccc:8085/cmibdata?power'
    • Rows written to SysPower.xml are now formatted

1.3.2 05Aug2010

Tag for this release:

  1. Infrastructure for switched power. Creates a stubbed out SysPower.xml table with valid headers. This version does not connect to the MCCC station board data server so does not write data to the SysPower table.
  2. Support for 3-bit samplers. Added 3-bit mappings between the VCI Subarray document field "swbbName" and SDM enumerations.
  3. Fixed the "over-flagging" issue. (There is an still outstanding over-flagging issue most likely caused by hardware.)
  4. No longer using the "state" variable to determine the value of the subscan intent. The subscanIntent field in the Subscan table is now set using the SubScanIntent field passed in the Observation document.
  5. Using new SDM jar file, evla-sdm-1.1.7.jar. (Contains fix for #3.)
  6. Using new commons jar file, evla-commons-1.5.4.jar. Contains XML schema file for switched power data.

1.3.0 10Jun2010


  • -- Added default values for Doppler table in the '' config file .
  • -- Writing default transition values to the Source table. Cannot write actual until this information is supplied by the OPT.
  • -- Using new general purpose DataSource class from evla-commons.

1.2.2 15Mar2010

-- JosephMcMullin - 21 Jul 2010

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