MCAF Build/Deploy


Instructions on how to build MCAF:

1. SVN Checkout

This section describes how to checkout MCAF from svn into a build directory, e.g., /home/username/builddir

2. Build MCAF

This section describes the required steps to build MCAF and "deploy" the project to the Maven repository. (Note that deploy in this sense does not mean deployment to a production machine.)

  • starting from directory /home/username/builddir
  • cd mcaf
  • mvn package deploy

3. Deployment

Deployment of mcaf to a test or production environment. (Note mcaf is packaged as a war file and is deployed to an instance of Tomcat.)

  • Launch a browser.
  • Point the browser to the the "Tomcat Web Application Manager", e.g. Of course, the actual URL will depend on the machine the application is being deployed to.
  • A username/password dialog will appear. Enter the username and password and select "OK".
  • If a current version of the application is running find the application in the list and select "Undeploy".
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the section labeled "Deploy".
  • Find the sub-header "WAR file to deploy" and click on the "Browse..." button.
  • A file chooser dialog will appear. Navigate to the war file built in section II above. Select the file and click on the button labeled "Open".
  • The name of the selected file will appear in the text field next to the label "Select WAR file to upload".
  • Select the button labeled "Deploy". Once this is completed the application will appear in the application list and "true" should appear in the column labeled "Running".

-- JosephMcMullin - 23 Jun 2010
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