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(Lowband is the term being used for the new receiver system for frequencies < 500 MHz. It should also be understood to cover any activity involving the current receivers at 4-band and P-band.)

Status (4/23/10):

New receivers - CDL is designing new, optimized LNA for 230-470 band. 3-frequency system (eventually 50-86 MHz, 120-174MHz,230-470 MHz with 1st two bands being based on off-the-shelf components). Funded with $270K from NRl Money now expected ~June 1. Design work and regualr telecons with NRL in progress. Prototype testing of receiver with CDL LNA on the EVLA using best of existing P-band receivers expected November 2010). Goal is to have the entire array available in the 1st B-configuratin of 2012 at both 230-438 and 64-86 MHz which are possible with new receiver and other existing hardware.

4-band: Call planned for (end of B/beginning of A configuration) campaign with existing 4-band system using the wider bandwidth available due to WIDAR and the shutdown of analog channel 4 TV. Tests planned for June of ~4 antennas with 4-band dipoles on the array with WIDAR.

P-band: existing recievers tested with WIDAR by Sowinski/Perley ~12 receivers working at some level but no plans to support any science with the old receivers.
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